Cancelled flights on Thursday, Dec. 26 and Friday, Dec. 27

(Eagle News) — Several flights on Thursday, Dec. 26, and Friday, Dec. 27, were cancelled due to the effects of “Ursula” in some parts of the country.

Below is a list:

Thursday, December 26

Cebu Pacific

5J412 Cebu-Kalibo, Estimated Time of Departure (ETD) 11:55 pm
5J413 Kalibo-Cebu, ETD 12:20 pm
5J1811 Cebu-Kalibo, ETD 2:30 am
5J419 Kalibo-Cebu, ETD 3:50 am

Air Asia

Z2036 Kalibo-Incheon
Z2037 Incheon-Kalibo
Z2028 Kalibo-Shanghai-Pudong
Z2029 Shanghai-Pudong-Kalibo
Z2038 Kalibo-Incheon
Z2039 Incheon-Kalibo
Z2058 Kalibo-Busan
Z2059 Busan-Kalibo
Z2711 Manila-Kalibo
Z2712 Kalibo-Manila
Z2715 Manila-Kalibo
Z2716 Kalibo-Manila
Z2713 Manila-Kalibo
Z2714 Kalibo-Manila

Friday, December 27

Cebu Pacific

5J180 Kalibo-Incheon, ETD 1:45 am
5J181 Incheon-Kalibo, ETD 6:55 am


DG6315 Manila-Kalibo, ETD 5:05 am
DG6316 Kalibo-Manila, ETD 7:00am
DG6313 Manila-Kalibo, ETD 1:00 pm
DG6314 Kalibo-Manila, ETD 3:25 pm
DG6317 Manila-Kalibo, ETD 5:20 pm
DG6318 Kalibo-Manila, ETD 7:40 pm