BI’s legal unit recommends filing of deportation case vs Chinese behind taho-throwing incident

(Eagle News)—The legal division of the Bureau of Immigration has recommended the filing of a deportation case against the Chinese national behind the taho-throwing incident at a Metro Rail Transit 3 station.

Immigration spokesperson Dana Sandoval said the case for  “posing a risk to public interest, in violation of immigration laws” against  Zhang Jiale, 23, can be pursued even without a complainant.

She said this was because there were already pictures that showed Zhang throwing a cup of taho at P01 William Cristobal, who was merely explaining to her the reason why she couldn’t be allowed inside the Boni station if she was carrying the drink.

The MRT implements a ban on food and drinks, and recently, has started implementing a ban on select liquids after the Jolo blasts that killed at least 23 in January.

Zhang, a first-year fashion design student, is already facing charges for direct assault, disobedience to an agent of authority and unjust vexation over the incident.