Binay, Pangilinan: Stop bullying the bully

(Eagle News) — Senators Nancy Binay and Francis Pangilinan on Friday, Dec. 21, condemned the bullying incidents involving a student from the Ateneo de Manila Junior High School and his companions and that were caught in viral videos.

The two, however, added that “all forms of bullying” should be condemned.

Binay, for instance, lamented what she said was the “vicious cycle of bullying” that has now ensued, with some now bashing the boy who was seen physically and verbally assaulting other students on social media.

“Bullying does not end by bullying the bully. It only worsens the culture of hate,” she said.

Pangilinan agreed.

According to Pangilinan, “we should never, never become the monster we seek to defeat.”

“Galit tayo sa isang bully at dapat lang pero sa galit natin “binubully” naman natin siya sa Facebook? So kung ganun ano ang pinagkaiba natin sa kaniya?” Pangilinan asked.