Beach mat charges phones and keeps drinks cool

Forgetting to charge your phone before heading to the beach need not mean social isolation anymore.

This is Beachill – a beach mat that uses solar power to revive dead batteries. It also has a small in-built fridge to keep drinks cool.

Beachill was originally a university project by Lebanese student Antoine Sayah.

But after his tutors advised him to go into business he sold 60 Beachills in just two weeks.

Inventor of Beachill, Antoine Sayah, saying: “When I started developing the project, I thought only people in Lebanon would see it. So I was surprised by the high demand coming from all over the world; I’ve had phone calls from Brazil, Toronto, all Europe, especially France, America, Africa and even from Congo. I wasn’t expecting this.”

Sayah’s team can only produce 10 Beachills a day, so he needs investors to help meet the unexpected demand.

Early customers are expressing satisfaction with their 150 dollar mat.

“….When I am on the beach, I used to always look around for a charger and never manage to find any, and my water never stays cool – so this is great and has everything in it, it even has a pocket where I can put a book and it takes no space at all…”Rita Mathiue, said.

Beachill is waterproof and Sayah says it can even be used in a swimming pool.