Another PNR train damaged in stone-throwing incident

Another PNR train was damaged in a stone-throwing incident on Wednesday, Jan.1./DOTr/

(Eagle News)-Another Philippine National Railways train was damaged after a stone-throwing incident on Wednesday, Jan. 1.

The Department of Transportation said the incident, reported in Caloocan at 6:01 p.m., damaged the front glass windshield of a refurbished Rotem train unit.

The glass windshield underwent replacement on Thursday, Jan. 2, at 12:03 p.m.

The DOTr called for “heightened vigilance from the public, particularly our train-riding commuter, to help us in pinpointing the areas where these misdeeds happen, and to immediately report them.”

It noted that it and the PNR are “seriously monitoring, and have closely coordinated with law enforcement authorities and LGUs to apprehend those who will be caught in the act, and also undertake necessary measures to put a complete stop to these destructive and dangerous activities.”

“With the help and assistance from the general public, rest assured that the DOTr and PNR will exhaust all means necessary to protect our valuable equipment, and ensure the safety of our commuter,” the DOTr said.

The DOTr has recorded 14 similar stone-throwing incidents  from December 2 to 21, 2019.