Año: Cops to only assist in house-to-house search for COVID-19 cases; health officials with list of confirmed cases to lead search

(Eagle News)–Interior Secretary Eduardo Año on Wednesday, July 15, clarified only health officials would go house-to-house to check for COVID-19 cases who should be transferred to quarantine facilities instead.

In a television interview, Año added the health officials led by the City Epidemiology Surveillance Unit will merely be assisted by the police, and already have the results of their contact tracing and  of individuals who need to be transferred.

They therefore know exactly where to go.

He added the house-to-house would take place only in areas where localized lockdowns are in place, and was in accordance with Republic Act 11332 or “An Act Providing Policies and Prescribing Procedures on Surveillance and Response to Notifiable Diseases, Epidemics, and Health Events of Public Health Concern.”

Año in particular raised Section IV, Letter F, Paragraph 3 of the law that he said reiterates the need ‘to ensure that public health authorities have the statutory regulatory authority to ensure the following: mandatory reporting, epidemic investigation and quarantine and isolation…”

The Philippines has so far confirmed over 57000 COVID-19 cases.