Angara donates plasma to COVID-19 patient; calls on authorities to exchange data in fight vs COVID-19

(Eagle News)–Senator Sonny Angara on Monday, April 13, called on the authorities to “exchange data” on coronavirus disease 2019 patients.

Angara, who has recovered from COVID-19, made the appeal as he announced he had donated his plasma to a patient who was in critical condition.

” Gave my plasma and it went straight to a hospital in QC to a man on a ventilator- a severe case of COVID19. My wonderful doctors say it could save his life as the antibodies of survivors in past viruses have done,” Angara said.

Angara said so far,  “there is just an informal network of hospitals speaking and exchanging notes as to the survivors giving their plasma.”

He asked the Department of Health, Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of  Emerging Infectious Diseases, and local government units to exchange the data  “subject to their privacy rights, so that we can help other fight this virus.”

“I wish I could pay it back every day but the protocol is you can only give your plasma as a survivor every 14 days. Pls pass on to any survivor— they can save lives as we speak!” he said.

“Thanks and pls stay at home and maintain social distancing,” he added.

Earlier, the IATF announced the disclosure of personal information of COVID-19-positive patients to the DOH was already mandatory.

The IATF said this was to aid authorities in contact tracing.

The Philippines has so far recorded over 4000 COVID-19 cases.