Albayalde: Anti-terrorism drills to be conducted in Metro Manila districts, others

By Mar Gabriel
Eagle News Service

Incoming Philippine National Police chief Oscar Albayalde said anti-terrorism drills will be conducted in all districts in Metro Manila and in others.

Albayalde made the pronouncement after a simulation exercise was held by the Quezon City Police District on Thursday, April 12.

The drill involved policemen responding to a “loud explosion” in the Araneta bus terminal, and to a “hostage-taking” on a passenger bus by one of the “suspects.”

It also involved “medical personnel” rushing the “injured” to the hospital.

“Well generally okay naman. I think the (standard operating procedure) was followed. Meron sigurong mga konti pa to improve and alalahanin natin dito na iba naman talaga` nangyayari on the ground, kung ano talaga ang reality,” Albayalde said when asked about his assessment of the drill.

He said among those that needed to be improved was crowd control, as he noted that some media were able to go beyond the police line to approach the bus.

“The safety nung media practitioners na nakalapit dahil armed and dangerous yung suspect. Tapos yung nacompromise yung operation, tapos nakatelevise pa, tapos kung meron pa siyang tv sa loob gaya nung nangyari sa Luneta, lahat ng sinasabi nakukuha so pati yung sinasabi ng ground commander naririnig niya so alam niya yung kung ano yung plano..So ito yung gusto natin maiwasan,” Albayalde said.