Ahead of the BOL plebiscite, Duterte urges Cotabato residents to vote for the ratification of the law

(Eagle News) — President Rodrigo DuterteĀ  urged Cotabato residents to vote “yes” for the ratification of the Bangsamoro Organic Law on Friday, Jan. 18, three days before the scheduled plebiscite in the province.

Also expected to participate in the BOL plebiscite on Jan. 21 are voters in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao and Isabela City in Basilan.

Residents of Lanao del Norte except Iligan City and six North Cotabato municipalities, on the other hand, are expected to vote on Feb. 6.

According to Duterte, the BOL was a product of a “long and meaningful” process of consultation.

He said once implemented, it will lead to, among others, “better governance, inclusive empowerment, and enhanced systems of transparency and accountability.”

He also urged the public to “stand against violence,” reiterating that he would not speak to the Abu Sayyaf, but would extend his hand of peace to the Moro National Liberation Front’s Nur Misuari.

“Exercise this right with utmost care because the future of succeeding generations depends on it.. Let us use the plebiscite as a peaceful means to finally correct the historical injustice committed against the Bangsamoro people,” Duterte said.