166 line, technical professionals join PNP Officer Corps

Over 100 line and technical professionals joined the PNP Officer Corps on Monday, Dec. 13./PNP/

(Eagle News) — The Philippine National Police on Monday, Dec. 14, inducted over 100 line and technical professionals into the PNP Officer Corps.

PNP Chief Dionardo Carlos led the oath-taking, and the donning and pinning of the rank insignia to 166 Newly Appointed Police Commissioned Officers (NAPCOs) under the PNP Lateral Entry Program CY 2021 for Line and Technical Officers.

According to the PNP, of the 166, three were technical officers and 163 were line officers.

One doctor was appointed to the initial rank of Police Captain while the rest given  the initial rank of Police Lieutenant.

All NAPCOs are set to join the PNP Special Action Force, Police Regional Offices 13, Bangsamoro Autonomous Region, and PNP Health Service,  after completing a 6-month Public Safety Basic Officers’ Course.

“Today is another breakthrough in your respective careers because you will be leading our police non-commissioned officers. Thus, you will have to make full use of your leadership skills and professional competence as police commissioned officers,” Carlos said.

He expressed hope the milestone will “motivate you to deliver competent and quality services for the benefit of our main clientele—the Filipino people.”

“Be the embodiment of “honor”, “accountability” and “integrity” because as a public officers, we owe it to them and to our country. So goes the dictum: “We are primarily here to serve, and not to be served,” he added.