13 more overseas Filipinos recover from COVID-19

(Eagle News) — Thirteen more overseas Filipinos have recovered from COVID-19.

Department of Foreign Affairs data showed the additional recoveries pushed the COVID-19 recovery total among Filipinos abroad to 9526.

Twenty-seven additional COVID-19 cases, however, also pushed the COVID-19 total to 15,079.

No additional deaths were reported, which means the COVID-19 death toll among overseas Filipinos remains at 1033.

Based on the DFA data, the Middle East and Africa are still the regions with the most COVID-19 cases, recoveries and deaths among Filipinos residing abroad, at 8131, 4755, and 664, respectively.

The Americas have the least COVID-19 cases and recoveries, at 886 and 581, respectively.

The Asia Pacific region has the least COVID-19 deaths among Filipinos overseas so far, at 21.

“The DFA personnel in our Foreign Service Posts remain steadfast in partnering with local health authorities and commit to tirelessly attending to the needs of our people, whenever possible,” the DFA said.