121 more COVID-19 cases reported among overseas Filipinos

(Eagle News) — Over 100 more COVID-19 cases have been reported among overseas Filipinos.

According to recent Department of Foreign Affairs data, the additional 121 cases pushed the total COVID-19 cases to 23,277.

Seventy-four additional recoveries pushed the total recoveries among Filipinos abroad to 13,465.

Two additional fatalities were reported, pushing the total COVID-19 fatalities among Filipinos outside the country to 1,387.

According to the data, the Middle East and Africa are still the regions with the most COVID-19 cases, recoveries, and deaths among Filipinos outside the country, at 13,101, 66101, and 926, respectively.

The Americas have the least COVID-19 cases and least recoveries, at 1,036 and 660, respectively.

The Asia Pacific region has the least COVID-19 deaths among Filipinos abroad, at 83.

“The DFA, together with its Foreign Service Posts, remains fully committed to monitoring and assisting our nationals abroad amid the pandemic,” the department said.