President Duterte lashes out at the EU, UN, US; heaps praises on China, Russia, Asean

President Rodrigo Duterte speaking during the relaunch of the press briefing room in Malacanang on Thursday, Oct. 12, 2017./Eagle News/

(Eagle News) — President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday again lambasted the United Nations, the United States and the European Union, while heaping praises on Russia, China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

“We are past the colonization stage. Don’t f**k with us,” he said.

He said he had instructed Finance Secretary Sonny Dominguez not to accept the “18 million, 20 million from (the United Kingdom)” which he said has refused to accept the Philippines’ exports.

He noted that the Europeans “started the First World War,” and “massacred, slaughtered each other.”

Europe was also “ahead” in terms of industrialization “because (they) stole the greatest resource of the Arabs” which is oil, he said.

“That is why you’re paying heavily now, with terrorism,” he noted, calling Europe the “last vestige of imperialism in this world.”

“You idiots came to Asia, our lands… and (stole) our resources for so many years,” he said.


As for the Americans, he said the US was “funding” Rappler, which the President has said has been publishing stories that paint him in a bad light as part of a destabilization plot against him.

George Soros, a Hungarian-American businessman, he said, was funding the Human Rights Watch, an international human rights group that has been issuing scathing criticisms of  the President and the drug war.

“Go ahead and fund more so we can always transfer (to China, Russia)… You think you are the right ones because you are white?” Duterte asked.

He said if he died, Filipinos should know the Americans–through the Central Intelligence Agency—would have been behind it.

“We will not allow anybody, not even the US (to interfere). I will tell it straight (during the Asean summit) in November. Ibubuga ko lahat talaga,” he said.

United Nations

The President also lashed out at the United Nations, which he believed to be contemplating expelling the Philippines following its government’s alleged human rights violations.

It was, however, the HRW that said the Philippines could be expelled from the UN Human Rights Council–not the UN—because of its supposed “constant denial.”

“Pu***g i**. Do it now,” President Duterte said in response to what he believed to be a threat of expulsion.

“Papayag kaya ang Russia at China? Ul*l pala kayo! You think China and the rest of the Asean will agree (to our expulsion)? Ang tingin niyo kasi wala kaming alam sa charter ng UN. You think we are morons here,” he said.

China, Asean, Russia

If Duterte only had harsh words for the UN, EU and the US, Duterte heaped praises on China, Russia and Asean.

China, he said, has been accepting all the Philippines’ exports, while Russia has given weapons to  the Armed Forces of the Philippines without the Philippines shelling out any money.

“Marunong sila magrespeto kaya idol ko sila,” he said, calling the two countries the Philippines’ friends.

As for Asean, he said all members of the bloc could export products to each other instead of relying on other countries outside.