WATCH: Interview with pediatrician Dr. Richard Mata, on Delta variant as a “game changer” for COVID among kids


(Eagle News) — Balitalakayan interviews pediatrician Dr. Richard Tesoro Mata who explained how the highly infectious Delta variant could become a “game changer” regarding COVID infection among children.

Dr. Mata, who is also an online health information advocate, said that while children’s immune system is healthier and there is less likelihood for serious COVID-19 cases among kids, they can still serve as virus carriers.

As carriers, children can be more asymptomatic, or have mild symptoms but can infect those vulnerable, including the elderly and those with comorbidities.

Oras na pumasok ang virus, carrier ka na. In other words, mas danger yung carrier sila. Natatakot tayo, baka magbago din yun,” Dr. Mata said in the interview.

Because of this, he said he supports the calls to again restrict the movement of children outside their homes.

He said that because of the Delta variant, children should also be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Watch this link for the full interview:  Interview with Dr. Richard Tesoro Mata, Pediatrician/Online Health Info Advocate | Balitalakayan

(Eagle News Service)