Top 10 highest-paying jobs in the Philippines

QUEZON City, Philippines (April 3) – Graduation is upon us! Fresh graduates now have that unenviable task of looking for employment. Fortunately, finding a job in this day and age is not as difficult as in the past. One only needs to go to the myriad of online job sites to find one that will suit his or her preferences.


Early this year,online job site released a list of the top 10 highest-paying fields in the Philippines.

This year, majority of the employees that rose to managerial positions came from those in the field of customer service. The one that took the top spot is the field of corporate strategy, displacing last year’s top one – Information Technology. Still, I.T. took the second spot in the list of highest-paid fields for those in managerial positions.

The top 10 highest-paying industries for managers/ assistant managers are:

  1. Corporate strategy (P125,976)
  2. IT (P91,100)
  3. Actuarial science/Statistics (P81,799)
  4. Quality control/Assurance (P80,828)
  5. Customer service (P80,810)
  6. Training and development (P77,877)
  7. Public relations/Communications (P77,219)
  8. Banking/Financial services (P74,837)
  9. Human resources (72,686)
  10. Law/legal (P67,402)

The top 10 highest-paying industries for supervisors (5- to 10-year job experience) are:

  1. IT -P68,723
  2. Actuarial science/Statistics -P65,741
  3. Law/legal -P48,014
  4. Journalism -P40,704
  5. Banking/Finance-P39,857
  6. Arts/Creative/Graphic design -P37,379
  7. Quality control/Assurance -P37,242
  8. Training and development -P36,443
  9. Quality surveying -P36,203
  10. Advertising/Media planning -P35,791

The top 10 highest-paying industries for junior executives (1- to 5- year job experience) :

  1. IT -P37,034
  2. Law -P29,430
  3. Training and development -P27,253
  4. Banking/Finance-P27,188
  5. Actuarial science/Statistics -P27,064
  6. Public relations/Communications -P26,948
  7. Healthcare-P26,655
  8. Journalism -P26,542
  9. Customer service -P24,755
  10. Advertising/Media planning -P24,314

The report also revealed that middle management employees get the most guaranteed bonuses or bonuses which are agreed upon through a contract aside from the 13th month pay. On the other hand, staff level employees receive the most non-guaranteed bonuses.

Over-all, IT remains the highest-paying field in the Philippines.


In considering what career path you will take, a quick perusal of the lists above can help you choose the jobs that not only align with your interests and abilities, but will also give you the most satisfactory compensation.



(written by Francis Albuen, edited by Jay Paul Carlos, additional research by Vince Alvin Villarin)