Taal update: 8 volcanic quakes, steam emissions monitored; alert level 1 still in place

(Eagle News)–Eight volcanic earthquakes were monitored at Taal in 24 hours.

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology said also monitored at the volcano, which remains on alert level 1, were steam  emissions.

PHIVOLCS said  the emission of steam-laden plumes  from the vents of the main crater was weak to moderate.

A slow and slight inflation of the northwestern sector of Taal Caldera was monitored.

“In contrast, GPS data from the southwestern sector of Taal Caldera and Volcano Island yielded no significant change after the huge post-eruption subsidence,” PHIVOLCS said.

PHIVOLCS reminded the public that at alert level 1, “sudden steam-driven or phreatic explosions, volcanic earthquakes, minor ashfall, and lethal accumulations or expulsions of volcanic gas can occur and threaten areas within the Taal Volcano Island (TVI).”

It reiterated the ban on the  entry into TVI, Taal’s Permanent Danger Zone or PDZ, especially the vicinities of the main crater and the Daang Kastila fissure.

Local government units were advised to continuously assess previously evacuated barangays around Taal Lake for damages and road accessibilities.

People were also advised to observe precautions due to ground displacement across fissures, possible ashfall, and minor earthquakes.

Civil aviation authorities were told to caution pilots against  flying close to the volcano.

“PHIVOLCS is closely monitoring Taal Volcano’s activity and any new significant development will be immediately communicated to all stakeholders,” PHIVOLCS said.