PNP: Wanted Abu Sayyaf logistics officer nabbed in Jolo

Patarasa found to be an active member of the PNP’s non-uniformed personnel, PNP says

(Eagle News) — A logistics officer of the Abu Sayyaf Group was arrested in Jolo on Friday, July 30, the Philippine National Police said over the weekend.

According to the PNP, Masckur Adoh Patarasa alias Makon or Omair Sali Taib was nabbed  in an “intelligence-driven police operation” in Barangay Asturias at 7 p.m.

The PNP said Patarasa was arrested by virtue of a warrant of arrest issued against him by Judge Leo Jay T. Principe of the 9th Judicial Region, Branch 1 of Isabela City, Basilan as an accused in seven separate cases of kidnapping and serious illegal detention.

PNP Chief Guillermo Eleazar said Patarasa, a brother-in-law of the late Abu Sayyaf leader Isnilon Hapilon, is an active member of the PNP’s non-uniformed personnel assigned at Banguingui Municipal Police Station, of the Sulu Provincial Police Office.

But Eleazar said he was also found to be a finance or logistics liaison officer of  the Dauwla Islamiya/ASG and was included in Martial Law Arrest Order No. 1 issued during the Marawi Siege in 2017.

The PNP said police records also revealed that in May 2017, Patarasa, together with an unidentified individual linked with ASG, planned to send funds to ASG members fighting in Marawi City through his brother-in-law Isnilon.

Eleazar said Patarasa joined the ASG in 2001 under Khadaffy Janjalani in Basilan and later transferred to ASG Senior Leader Radullan Sahiron in Sulu.

“Moreover, the subject person was also known to have direct contact with Jemaah Islamiyah operative AMIN BACO a.k.a. Guro Jihad and other ASG personalities,” the PNP said.

The PNP said Patarasa also received funds from Almaida Salvin, a designated terrorist included in the U.S. Treasury’s sanctions list who was arrested sometime in April 2019 for illegal possession of explosives through Merhama Sawari, who was neutralized in a Parañaque City shootout together with three suspected terrorists on June 20, 2020.

“I am glad that our personnel were able to arrest the subject person. This still forms part of the Intensified Cleanliness Policy that we are implementing, Cleanliness of the ranks should be maintained to regain the trust and confidence of the people to our organization,”  Eleazar said.