OCTA Research supports continuation of GCQ in Metro Manila


(Eagle News) – The OCTA Research group supports the continuation of the General Community Quarantine (GCQ) with still some restrictions in Metro Manila.

Dr. Guido David, OCTA Research fellow, explained in an interview with Eagle News Service’s “Balitalakayan” on Thursday, July 15, said that it is important to continue GCQ with some restrictions since the Philippine capital is still classified as a “moderate risk” area.

I think we can still have GCQ with some restrictions. Siguro status quo po or maybe ease some restrictions,” David said.

Although maganda na yung trend compared sa during the peak of the surge, we’re still averaging mga 600 cases a day,” he said as he noted that the indicators had not changed that much in Metro Manila.

The average daily attack rate (ADAR) and health care utilization rate (HCUR) has just decreased slightly.

“To be cautious, we can retain GCQ, although we support the expansion capacity of mga business establishments. We can open a few more businesses,” he said.

“We support the reopening of the economy pero under GCQ pa.”

David said that there is still a risk that cases could rise if there would be violations of minimum health protocols.

“Yung mga iniingatan natin ay yung mga social gatherings and large congregations, kasi ito yung nagiging cause ng mga spike, ng mga super spreader events,” he said.

Even if there is increasing vaccination, he said that people, even those who already got the jab doses, should still continue to observe minimum health protocols.

Malacanang has yet to announce what would be the next quarantine protocol after July 15, 2021.


(Eagle News Service)