My doctor is a hero

Doctor-4It seems like every youngster’s dream is to become a doctor when they grow up. The reasons often mentioned are the following:  to help sick persons, to earn money, and to help their parents. Being a doctor is a long journey.

When we hear the word doctor, the first thing that comes to our mind is a smart professional wearing a neat white laboratory gown who can cure severe diseases like an angel in disguise. It gives us some idea how doctors are important in our society.  Without them, we can’t survive when we are battling serious diseases.

Doctors are specialists who give essential care; they treat ailments and other physical sicknesses. They help out sick individuals by making sense of what is happening to them when they don’t feel well; they prescribe the right medication to improve our health.

Being a doctor is not an easy profession.   To be an expert medical specialist also requires enough great learning and tons of diligent work. They invest most of their time on their feet while inspecting patients, aside from finishing a ton of paperwork. Being a doctor takes also a lot of sacrifice; one sets aside his desire to always put friends and family first. They also sacrifice their free weekend just to meet deadlines; they have to work on-call and go to the hospital if there are emergencies. The doctor’s job to help the sick usually takes priority over everything else.

Our doctor is a very helpful individual in our lives because they aid us in our illnesses, provide the things that we need to survive, at the same time they help our society through science in making the impossible things possible.

Sharmaine Lorido
AB-Masscomm, New Era University