Man turns over Burmese python pet to DENR when it grew 10 feet long after 2 years

(Eagle News) —  A man who kept a Burmese python as a pet for two years turned over the reptile recently to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources office in Davao City after it grew to a length of 10 feet.

The Davao City resident, Benjie Putot, said that he found the python inside a bus in January 2018. Out of pity, he brought it home to take care of the reptile. It was just two feet then.

After two years, it grew so large, he could not take care of it anymore. It now weighs 30 kilos and is 10 feet long.  Putot decided to turn the python over to the Davao Crocodile Park rescue center, and one of the conservation partners of DENR region XI.

The Burmese python is considered as one of the largest snake species in the world. It can grow as long as 23 feet and weigh as much as 45 kilos.

(With a video report from Krystera Joie Magpatoc, Eagle News correspondent in Davao City)