Lt. Governor of Ontario greets Iglesia Ni Cristo on its 106th year, notes its service to community

The Lt. Governor of Ontario Canada, The Honorable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, greets the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) on its 106th anniversary


(Eagle News) — The Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, Canada, The Honorable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, sent her greetings to the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) on the occasion of its 106th anniversary on July 27, 2020.

In her message, she congratulated the Church on its anniversary, noting how it had played a role in serving the community and served as an inspiration in building the social fabric of their province, along with other communities of faith.

“It is with pleasure that I congratulate the Canadian congregations of the Iglesia Ni Cristo on the church’s 106th anniversary. The challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic notwithstanding, this is a significant moment that is sure to be the source of happy memories for years to come,” she stated in her greetings.

“Communities of faith have played an important role over time in building the social fabric of our province. Many of the values that we cherish today—compassion, generosity, justice—are anchored in faith traditions. Inherent among those who believe is the courage to continuously seek positive transformation in one’s own life and society.”

Lt. Governor Dowdeswell also thanked the members of the Church Of Christ and expressed her wish for “a successful future of your continued service to the community.”

“I thank all who have devoted themselves over the years to being a part this church, and I convey my best wishes for a successful future of continued service to the community. I look forward to what you will continue to contribute,” she said.

The Honorable Dowdeswell was sworn in on September 23, 2014 during a ceremony held at Queen’s Park in Toronto. She is the third woman to serve the position, following Pauline Mills McGibbon and Hilary Weston.

As Lietenant Governor of Ontario, she is the viceregal representative in Ontario of the Canadian monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, who operates distinctly within the province but is also shared equally with the 10 other jurisdictions of Canada, as well as the other Commonwealth realms.


The message of Lt. Governor of Ontario, Her Honor Elizabeth Dowdeswell, greeting the Iglesia Ni Cristo on its 106th anniversary (Courtesy Office of the Lt. Governor of Ontario)