High COVID transmission observed in NCR as reproduction number rises to 1.21 — OCTA Research

DOH also confirms local transmission of Delta variant in PHL as more local Delta cases detected


(Eagle News) –  The reproduction number of COVID-19 in Metro Manila has increased to 1.21 which means there is now a high COVID-19 transmission in the Philippine capital,  according to the OCTA Research.

Dr. Guido David, OCTA Research Fellow, in an interview with the Eagle News Service program “Balitalakayan”  said the increase in the reproduction number in Metro Manila is very significant.

As of yesterday, 1.21 na siya. Kaya tumataas na nang tumataas.  At 1.21 it’s considered a high reproduction number na,” David explained in the interview on Friday, July 23.

Kasi pag 1.1,  ang consideration doon moderate pa lang siya.  Hindi pa ganoon kabilis ang pagtaas.  Ito bumibilis na yung hawahan sa Metro Manila,”  he said.

The reproduction number is the number of people that one COVID-19 case can infect.

The increase in the COVID-19 reproduction number in Metro Manila came about as the Department of Health confirmed the local transmission of the highly aggressive Delta variant.

David said that the reproduction number at present is similar to the trend during the period of Feb. 13 to 19, which was the precursor to the COVID-19 surge in March 2021.  He said that it is very important to prepare for this Delta variant, to avoid a repeat of the March 2021 spike in cases where as many as more than 10,000 new cases were recorded in a single day.

-Detected Delta variant cases in PHL reach 47 as DOH confirms local transmission-

On Thursday, July 22, the DOH announced the addition of 12 new Delta variant cases in the country.  All of these were “local cases.”

Included in the new cases were three local cases in Metro Manila.  Central Luzon has six cases; CALABARZON has two cases, while the Bicol region (Region 5) has one local Delta case.

“This brings the total Delta variant cases to 47,” the DOH said.

The Delta variant is considered the most highly infectious and dangerous among the COVID-19 virus variants that emerged this year, 2021. While the Alpha variant (previously known as the UK variant) can infect up to four people, the Delta variant that originated from India can infect up to eight people at a time.

It is responsible for the explosion of COVID-19 cases in about a hundred countries which have confirmed Delta variant infections.

These include countries with high vaccination rate against COVID-19 such as the United States, United Kingdom and Israel.

In Southeast Asia, more countries are also experiencing a COVID-19 surge led by Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar.

(Eagle News Service)