Antarctic blue whales belong to three populations: study

SYDNEY, Australia (AFP) — Antarctic blue whales, the largest creatures on the planet, likely belong to three populations that feed alongside each other but breed in separate oceans, according to Australian-led research published Wednesday. Using the largest data set ever obtained from the critically endangered subspecies, the study in the Scientific Reports journal seeks to shed light on blue whale populations to aid their conservation. “We found genetic evidence that there are three groups of […]

Patrial Solar and Lunar eclipses visible in Mindanao area

QUEZON City, Philippines — The partial solar and penumbral lunar eclipses will be witnessed this month. According to the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA), the penumbral eclipse will be eight percent visible from the parts of Mindanao on Wednesday, March 9.

Japan dog retirement homes care for elderly canines

TOKYO, JAPAN (Reuters)— Akiko Hoshino’s 17-year-old female Shiba Inu, named “Nene”, is so old in dog years that she can no longer walk by herself. On the rare days she is out on the streets of Tokyo, Hoshino has to carry Nene everywhere, occasionally a friend helps her wipe the drool from Nene’s open mouth. Depending on how you calculate dog years, Nene is around 84 years old in human terms. “You can’t say this […]

PHL to join 2016 Earth Hour

MAKATI City, Philippines – The Philippines will once again participate in the 2016 Earth Hour organized by the World Wild Life Fund, which in turn is an awareness event that addresses the issue of climate change. The Philippines is one of the leading countries that participate in the Earth Hour. (Eagle News Service Described by Jay Paul Carlos, Video Editing by Dexter Magno, Uploaded by MRFaith Bonalos)

DiCaprio distressed by oil spill in Peru’s Amazon basin

LIMA, Peru (AFP) — Fresh off his Oscar win, Leonardo DiCaprio on Monday took to social media to press Peru’s authorities over oil spills sullying indigenous towns in the Amazon basin region. “3,000 barrels of oil spilled in the Amazon! Act now for indigenous communities & our climate,” DiCaprio tweeted, the day after winning best actor honors for his role in survival epic “The Revenant.” The tweet linked to a statement from the nonprofit organization […]

Turtles’ vulnerable start to life on Philippine coast

  by Cecil Morella MORONG, Philippines (AFP)–Hundreds of tiny turtle hatchlings emerge above a Philippine beach at night and immediately look to the sea, hoping to beat huge odds and start a remarkable trans-oceanic journey lasting decades. The olive ridleys, each shorter than a credit card, are among five species of sea turtles in the Philippines that are in danger of extinction, mostly because they are prized as a protein-rich food. “Not too long ago, […]

PAGASA warns against La Niña

QUEZON City, Philippines – The Philippines Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) warned against the coming of La Niña at the ed of the year. The “La Niña” phenomenon is the opposite of “El Niño”, which means that the country will experience more than the normal rainfall as well as more typhoons. (Eagle News Service Described by Jay Paul Carlos, Video Editing by Jericho Morales, Uploaded by MRFaith Bonalos)

Dozens of sea lions wash up dead on Chile’s northern coast

ANTOFAGASTA, Chile (Reuters) — Dozens of sea lions have washed up on Chile’s northern shore in the region of Antofagasta, local media reported on Thursday (February 25). It was a grim scene on the beach of the coastal town of Hornitos, with most of them found in an advanced state of decomposition. Chilean environmental authorities have said the animals are dying of starvation because the El Nino phenomenon is causing a scarcity of phytoplankton. Phytoplankton […]

DENR: PH committed to good forest governance

QUEZON CITY, Feb. 24 — The Philippine government is committed to pursue policy objectives that will ensure the preservation of its forests and stop deforestation, Environment Secretary Ramon J.P. Paje said Tuesday.   “Despite fiscal limitations, the Philippines is seriously endeavoring to preserve its forests and reverse the trend of deforestation,” he said. “We continue to pursue vital reforms through the imposition of forest protection measures and the rehabilitation of denuded forestlands,” he added.   […]

A clean and green election – is it possible?

QUEZON City, Philippines (February 20) – Tons of illegally posted campaign materials. Several days after the implementation of “Operation: Baklas” and it already reached several tons. That count only includes Metro Manila, how much more on a nationwide scale? Campaigns for elections in our country are always colorful. Each candidates, national or local, are willing to burn sums of money just to fill-out every space and nook with their faces. Posters, tarpaulins, leaflets, name it […]

El Niño phenomenon weakens

NEW York City, United States of America – According to the World Meteorological Organization of the United Nations, the El Niño phenomenon already attained its peak and is starting to weaken although the high temperature in the ocean continues to have a great impact on the global climate. The 2015-2016 El Niño phenomenon is said to be the worst in 15 years and will last until mid-2016. (Eagle News Service Described by Jay Paul Carlos, […]

Often times, It’s not the clouds’ fault—Light Pollution 101

QUEZON City, Philippines (February 18) – Stars. They’re so enchanting to look at, even if they show in diminutive numbers. That’s not the case more than a hundred years ago, and the rest of Earth’s previous times. The presence of clouds didn’t hinder the infinite luster of stars – known as the Milky Way –  inspiring our ancestors and great artists to use them in art, literature, astronomy, navigation, exploration, theories, mythologies and human curiosity. Yes, […]