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Oh, the people you’ll meet … at BookCon

By Joanne Soriano EBC New York Bureau NEW YORK (Eagle News) — Long lines and crowds wrapped around the different booths within the main hall of the convention center. The scene was typical for a designer sample sale with young women hauling tote bags and backpacks filled to capacity. However, instead of carrying designer goods, their cargo was much more precious to these customers. These readers were acquiring books. BookCon, hailed as the literary event […]

A day to remember at the longest Pop Culture Event in the Philippines: Toy Con Ph

By MJ Racadio Eagle News Service contributor PASAY CITY, Philippines  —  Rain or shine, Toy Con PH invaded Manila last weekend from the 28th to the 30th of June at SM Convention Center in Pasay City. Toy Con PH is the longest pop culture event in the Philippines — showcasing local toy companies to international shows. Those who came to the event were amazed as they got to enjoy the feeling of being young again, […]

Skin deep: Japan’s ‘washi’ paper torn by modern life

by Natsuko FUKUE HIDAKA, Japan (AFP) — Once an indispensable part of daily life in Japan, ultra-thin washi paper was used for everything from writing and painting to lampshades, umbrellas, and sliding doors, but demand has plunged as lifestyles have become more westernized. Despite its 1,300-year history and UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage status, washi paper is struggling to attract consumers and the market value has dropped by more than 50 percent in the past two […]

EBC Films’ “Guerrero” scores another knockout in Denmark

by Emily Manuel and MJ Racadio (Eagle News) – EBC Films’ award-winning movie “Guerrero” opened to a red-carpet premiere at the Palads Theater, Copenhagen, Denmark last May 26, 2019 to the delight of an international audience. Moviegoers were captivated by the heartwarming story of a boxer named Ramon and his triumph over life’s challenges, through the help of his younger brother, Miguel. The audience both laughed and cried throughout the movie. Richelle Cerri, from Copenhagen, […]

EBC Films’ “Hapi ang Buhay, the Musical” ends on a high note at the 35th PMPC Star Awards for Movies

by Emily Manuel and MJ Racadio (Eagle News) — It was a triumphant evening for EBC Films’ “Hapi ang Buhay, the Musical” at the 35th Philippine Movie Press Club (PMPC) Star Awards for Movies held at the Newport Performing Arts Theater, Pasay City, last June 2, 2019. The film held three nominations and received the award for Best Indie Theme Song of the Year. EBC Films has been recognized by this prestigious award-giving body for […]

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?

By Emil Valerio EBC New York Bureau NEW YORK (Eagle News) — Many people are familiar with the question posed in the theme song “Sunny Days” which asks viewers how to get to Sesame Street. The popular television show “Sesame Street” is a pioneer in using TV as means of teaching generations of young children important life lessons such as the alphabet, how to count, and good values. As children grew older though, they learned […]

More than just a pretty picture: “Picture Character” documentary gives insight into world of emojis

By Joanne Soriano EBC New York Bureau NEW YORK (Eagle News) — How often do you receive or send emojis when communicating with family and friends? The emoji, a Japanese term for “picture character,” has grown in popularity across generations and cultures as an expression of language in today’s digital world of smartphones, computers and social media. The documentary “Picture Character” takes viewers across time and distances to explore when the emoji was first created […]

Masters of puppets: Indonesia’s ‘Ondel-Ondel’ kids

by Dessy SAGITA  JAKARTA, Indonesia (AFP) – Peeking through a slit in her giant puppet costume, Indonesian teen Juniarti is drenched in sweat as she moves stiffly under the blistering sun. The 15-year-old and a motley crew of other children — some as young as nine — make a living by strapping on two-metre (6.5 foot) brightly coloured folk effigies known as Ondel-Ondel. The giant-headed puppets are a staple on the streets of Indonesia’s bustling […]

Monet painting draws $110.7 million at New York auction

NEW YORK, United States (AFP) — A Claude Monet painting from his celebrated “Meules” (Haystacks) series drew $110.7 million in New York on Tuesday in an auction record for the French Impressionist master. The sale at Sotheby’s — the first time the work had come to auction since 1986 — fetched one of the 10 highest prices ever seen at auction. The total, which includes fees and the commission, was more than 44 times higher […]

Scars of torture at US reform school for boys won’t go away

  by Leila Macor Agence France Presse FORT MYERS, United States (AFP) — Jerry Cooper says he endured torture and cruelty that were everyday things for decades at a reform school in Florida, turning him into something horrible. As authorities prepare to investigate a possible new set of unmarked graves on the school grounds after dozens were found a few years ago, apologies are finally coming in. But 60 years after he was abused, Cooper […]

Sahitya Sangam Literature Festival celebrates India’s diversity

by Emily Manuel Contributor, Eagle News (Eagle News) — The Embassy of India, together with Bharati, the Expatriate Indian Women’s Association in the Philippines, hosted the Sahitya Sangam Literature Festival at the Forbes Park Pavilion in Makati City last April 26, 2019. The festival celebrates India’s linguistic diversity and featured 11 of the 22 main languages in India through prose, poetry, song and dance. One of the works featured was that of Rabrindranath Tagore, a […]

EBC Films proudly presents the cast of “Guerrero Dos, Tuloy ang Laban”

by Emily Manuel Contributor, Eagle News (Eagle News) – After the successful launch of “Guerrero” and “Hapi ang Buhay the Musical,” two films that have won international critical acclaim, EBC Films is set to produce “Guerrero Dos, Tuloy ang Laban” (the fight continues). This was announced by Directors Stephen Cruz and Carlo Ortega Cuevas, in a story conference held at the Movie Stars Café, Quezon City last April 22, 2019. Guerrero is a story of […]