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EBC Films’ Make it Reel – Inspiration begins

By: Alexandra Megia Eagle News QUEZON CITY, Philippines — Conversations and excitement fills the room—crowds of people mingling and looking at the viewing windows of radio DJs live on air. Some are a bit nervous and keeping to themselves; anticipating what is to come This was the first day of Make it Reel—EBC Films five-day workshop and seminar to help aspiring filmmakers and actors find and refine their skills.    With an international award-winning movie […]

Philippine actor Richard Quan receives special recognition during EBC Films “Make it Reel” workshop

By Alfred Acenas EBC Hawaii Bureau QUEZON CITY, Philippines (Eagle News) – Veteran Philippine actor Richard Quan made an appearance on day 2 of the filmmaker workshop “Make it Reel” sponsored by EBC Films and held at the EBC Main Studio in Quezon City, Philippines. Event organizers took the opportunity to congratulate him for his 26 years of success and contributions to the country’s film industry by presenting a certificate of recognition signed by EBC […]

Fort Santiago dungeons now open to the public, says Intramuros administration

(Eagle News) — The newest historical attraction to see in Manila are the dungeons of Fort Santiago which the Intramuros administration announced open to the public on Jan. 31, 2020. The historic dungeons, which had served as a storage facility in 1599, and then later as a prison complex for prisoners of war in the 1700s, are now well lighted and beautifully preserved as can be seen in these photos posted by the Intramuros Administration. […]

BBC to axe 450 newsroom jobs

  by James PHEBY Agence France Presse LONDON, United Kingdom (AFP) — The British Broadcasting Corporation on Wednesday said it will axe 450 newsroom jobs as part of plans to adapt “to changing audience needs” and meet its savings target. The job cuts come just a week after BBC boss Tony Hall said he would step down, and as the corporation grapples with a equal-pay demands and questions about its future funding model. “The BBC […]

Eagle Broadcasting and EBC Films Present: Make it Reel

QUEZON CITY, Philippines (EBC) – Alexandra Megia “Quiet on the set! And action!” It’s every aspiring director’s dream to shout these words on their first movie set. Unfortunately, not all are granted the opportunity. Eagle Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) and EBC Films will help make those dreams real, by offering a five-day workshop, “Make it Reel.” The workshops feature seminars on directing, acting and guerrilla filmmaking. “’Make it Reel’ gives aspiring filmmakers a venue to hone […]

Toy Story: Hong Kong protest models become major hit

by Yan ZHAO Agence France-Presse HONG KONG, China   (AFP) — Intricately detailed Hong Kong protester figurines have become the latest must-have collectibles as toy stores recreate the pro-democracy movement’s street battles with police in their shop displays. Stacked on shelves next to comic book superheroes, the models come in a variety of shapes and sizes, some holding make-shift shields and flags, others extinguishing tear gas rounds or playing instruments in protest orchestras. A local figurine […]

Dutch art sleuth finds rare stolen copy of ‘Prince of Persian poets

by Jan HENNOP Agence France-Presse AMSTERDAM, Netherlands  (AFP) — A stolen 15th-century book by the famed Persian poet Hafez has been recovered by a Dutch art detective after an international “race against time” that drew the alleged interest of Iran’s secret service. The gold-leafed volume worth around one million euros ($1.1 million) was found to be missing from the collection of an Iranian antiques dealer after his death in Germany in 2007. It sparked a decade-long search […]

Bono on U2’s first PHL concert: “It took us four decades… We should have been here every year”

  (Eagle News) – For what Filipino U2 fans said was a “once-in-a-lifetime concert,” they braved hours of traffic and long lines just to watch the legendary Irish rock band perform at the 55,000-seater Philippine Arena on Wednesday night, Dec. 11. The sound and sights of the first-ever Manila concert of the band which has won the most Grammys in history at 22 awards, more than lived up to fans’ expectations. The band that was […]

Renowned Polish jazz pianist touches on PHL connection to Polish mazurka in “Impromazurka” concert at the CCP

  (Eagle News) — Piano notes that relax and soothe the senses, and at the same time, bring you to an extraordinary exhilarating musical journey. This was what the audience at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Little Theater experienced as they listened to noted Polish jazz pianist and musician-composer Artur Dutkiewicz with his “ImproMazurka” concert on Tuesday night, Nov. 12. It was the first time for the world-renowned pianist to play in a […]

Flooding in Venice drowns Catholic cathedral’s priceless mosaics in sewage

by Ella IDE Agence France Presse VENICE, Italy (AFP) — Dirty water swirls around marble tombs inside the 12th century crypt of St Mark’s Basilica in Venice, which suffered untold damage when an unprecedented high tide swept through the city. Pumps work overtime to clear the seawater from around the altar and under the pink and white stone arches, as the historic monument’s custodians look on in sadness and anger. “We’re talking about millions of […]

Bat signal during EBC Pop Con

In photos: Scenes at the EBC PopCon 2019

(Eagle News) — These are just some of the scenes during the first day of EBC PopCon 2019 held on Friday, Nov. 8, 2019 at the Eagle Broadcasting Corporation headquarters. The event brought together comics and  pop culture afficionados, students, comics illustrators, artists and legends, as well as priceless collections of  PopCon — from life-sized statues to rare collections of vintage comics and other PopCon art. The event continues on Saturday, Nov. 9, 2019 at […]

Philippine pop culture to take center stage at the EBC PopCon 2019

By Caesar Vallejos, OPEN FOR BUSINESS From Kenkoy to Pugad Baboy, icons of Pinoy pop culture will be showcased at the two-day EBC PopCon 2019. On November 8-9,  the Eagle Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) Building will be transformed as a pop culture show center that will house comic books, toys, games, anime displays, cartoon characters, cosplay, fun entertainment and other interests.  A 1940s Batmobile replica and life-size statues will also be on display at the EBC […]