Satellite captures solar eclipse from space

As those on Earth watched out for a solar eclipse on Friday (March 20), a European Space Agency mini satellite was capturing the phenomenon from space. The ESA’s Sun-watching Proba-2 mini satellite captured the footage which shows the shadow of the moon sweeping down across the brightly burning sun. The mini satellite uses ultraviolet wavelengths to monitor turbulence on the star’s surface. Friday’s mostly partial eclipse was visible mainly from Europe, Russia, and parts of […]

Islamic State claims responsibility for Yemen mosque bombings – Twitter statement

Islamic State, an al Qaeda offshoot that has seized large areas of Iraq and Syria, has claimed responsibility for suicide bomb attacks on two mosques used mainly by Shi’ite Muslims in Yemen on Friday, a statement on Twitter showed. At least 87 people were killed and 260 people were wounded in the blasts in the capital Sanaa. Both mosques are known to be used mainly by supporters of the Shi’ite Muslim Houthi group which has […]

ISS astronaut tweets photos of the solar eclipse from space

The eclipse seen from the other side: while people all over the world looked at the moon moving across the sun – the astronaut on the ISS space station got to see the shadow this caused on the earth. A partial solar eclipse was visible on Friday (March 20), mainly in Europe and Russia, and it skimmed parts of north Africa, the Middle East and Asia, as much a sight to see for the astronaut […]

Solar eclipse sweeps across Europe

A dramatic solar eclipse sweeps across Europe and skims parts of North Africa, the Middle East and Asia, delighting sky watchers across the region. The town of Torshaven in the Faroe Islands plunged into darkness as a total solar eclipse passes overhead. Timelapse video shows the dramatic impact of the region’s first such eclipse in 60 years, the moon blocking out the sun entirely for about two and half minutes. Hotels across Europe have been […]

Suicide bombers hit two mosques in Yemen, killing 50

Suicide bombers in the Yemeni capital Sanaa blew themselves up during noon prayers at two mosques used mainly by Shi’ite Muslims on Friday, killing at least 50 people and wounding scores, medical sources said, in a major escalation of the worst wave of violence in the country in years. The attacks, in which four bombers wearing explosive belts targeted worshippers in and outside the crowded mosques, happened a day after an unidentified warplane attacked the […]

Proud Tunisians disavow museum attackers in Independence Day march

Hundreds of people marched through Tunis on Friday (March 20) in protest against an attack on the capital’s Bardo museum which saw 21 foreign tourists killed. People held banners and placards reading “terrorism is neither Muslim nor Tunisian” and “we will be stronger- terrorism outside” as the country celebrated Independence Day. Tunisia said it would deploy the army to major cities and arrested nine people on Thursday after 21 foreign tourists were shot dead in […]

Islamic State video purports to show Kurdish peshmerga beheadings

Islamic State has published a video purporting to show the beheading of three Kurdish peshmerga fighters in northern Iraq by militants who threatened to kill “dozens” more of those being held captive. The six-minute clip, which appeared timed to coincide with celebrations for the Kurdish New Year, showed the peshmerga wearing orange jumpsuits being decapitated by three black-clad militants, all of whom spoke Kurdish. The footage could not be independently verified. The peshmerga have emerged […]

Tunisian authorities investigate museum attack

In Tunisia, authorities are still investigating nine suspects that they arrested after the attack on a museum which resulted in the death of some 20 people, including foreigners.  ISIS had already apparently claimed responsibility for the attack which targeted the country’s main source of income which is its tourism industry.  Tunisia is considered the only success story of the Arab Spring.  

Rare diamond expected to fetch up to US$7.5 million at auction

An extremely rare 77.77-carat yellow diamond is expected to fetch up to US$7.5 million when it goes up for auction in early April. The stone is one of the world’s rarest diamonds according to Sotheby’s Hong Kong Deputy Head of Jewelry, Terry Chu. “Only when a diamond, which has color and the color saturation is strong enough to call vivid, actually it’s always been rarer. And then don’t forget yellow diamond is rare, but when […]

Polar bear injures Czech tourist on Arctic island on eve of eclipse

A Czech tourist suffered slight injuries when a polar bear attacked him in a tent on an Arctic island off Norway on Thursday (March 19), the eve of a total solar eclipse that has drawn thousands of visitors. Jakub Moravec, camping with five other tourists on a skiing and snow scooter trip, was flown by helicopter to hospital in Longyearbyen, the main settlement on Svalbard, with injuries to his arm, chest and face. He said […]

Total solar eclipse most spectacular thing, says ‘Mr Eclipse’

On Friday (March 20), people on the Faroe Islands will experience a total solar eclipse. The Faroe Islands, a self-governing nation within Denmark, estimates that around 8,000 visitors will visit the island of 50,000 for the big event. A total eclipse, when the moon blocks the sun and its shadow falls on the Earth, will sweep across the Atlantic but from land it will only be visible from the Norwegian Arctic islands of Svalbard and […]