Australia and Oceania

Bushfire continues to burn in Australia’s Blue Mountains

  (Reuters) — A bushfire fuelled by strong winds continued to burn in Australia’s Blue Mountains for a second day on Sunday (August 2). Hundreds of fire-fighters were battling the blaze, assisted by helicopters dropping water onto flames that cannot be easily reached by vehicles, local media said. Although no homes are directly threatened, a Watch and Act alert has been issued for residents to monitor if these conditions change, Australian media reported. “Hopefully we […]

Graffiti Catcher

(Reuters) Sydney is deploying a high-tech system that literally sniffs out vandals on its rail network. The CEO of Sydney Trains, Howard Collins, calls the new system Mousetrap. “So our new operation, Mousetrap, is what it says it does. It detects, covertly, people vandalising our trains,” he said. When a graffiti attack is taking place, a sensor in the carriage acts like an electronic nose, detecting the presence of paint fumes. An alarm is sent […]

Australia’s Abbott confident officials acted within the law on asylum seekers’ issue

JUNE 16 (Reuters) — Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott said on Tuesday (June 16) he was confident Australian agencies acted “within the law” as calls grew for an inquiry into reports that officials paid people smugglers thousands of dollars to turn the their boat carrying asylum seekers back to Indonesia. “I am absolutely confident that at all times Australian agencies have acted within the law,” Abbott said. “Does that mean that that did happen?,” asked […]

Man arrested after he flattens house with stolen bulldozer

  JUNE 8 (Reuters) — An Australian man has been arrested after allegedly using a stolen bulldozer to destroy a house in New South Wales with several people inside it, local media reported. SHOWS: TERALBA, AUSTRALIA (JUNE 08, 2015) (NINE NETWORK – NO ACCESS AUSTRALIA / NEW ZEALAND / PAPUA NEW GUINEA / AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, PAPUA NEW GUINEA-BASED INTERNET SITES, MOBILE PLATFORMS OR SITES OF MEDIA ORGANIZATIONS BASED IN THOSE COUNTRIES, NVO CLIENTS/ SMH.COM.AU/NEWS.COM.AU) 1. […]

Crowded Australian koala colony may lead to cull

MAY 29 (Reuters) — An overcrowded colony of about 1,000 koalas in Australia is being assessed this week for possible ill health, in a survey that could lead to a cull, raising objections from animal welfare lobbyists. Australian media reported that the Victorian state government is concerned many of the koalas may be undernourished because the colony at Cape Otway has grown even as the supply of the koalas’ staple diet of manna gum leaves has […]

Australia recalls ambassador to Indonesia after executions

APRIL 29 (Reuters) — Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said on Wednesday (April 29) he was recalling the nation’s ambassador to Indonesia in protest against the execution of two Australian drug smugglers. Australians Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan were executed by firing squad along with six other drug convicts from several countries shortly after midnight on Wednesday, local media said. “These executions are both cruel and unnecessary. Cruel because both Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran spent some […]

Man bitten by a crocodile on Australian golf course

  A 75-year old man was bitten on the leg by a crocodile while playing golf on Tuesday (April 14) at the Palmer Sea Reef course in Port Douglas in far north Queensland, Australian media said. The man was identified as John Lahiff. The attack happened when he went to retrieve a ball from water on the 11th hole, Australian media added. “I didn’t see the croc sunbaking just on the edge of the water, […]

Rescue efforts fail to save 12 stranded pilot whales in Western Australia

A pod of pilot whales that became stranded on the rocks in Bunbury harbour in Western Australia have died before they could be rescued, local media reported. The pod of 20 long-finned pilot whales was spotted on Monday (March 23) morning, starting a rescue effort involving volunteers and Department of Parks and Wildlife staff lasting several hours, reports said. “Often in these events and these incidents it takes a while to gear up and get […]

Australia, New Zealand prefer Ilonggo workers

ILOILO CITY, February 6(PIA) — Employers from Australia and New Zealand prefer to hire Ilonggo workers, according to the City Public Employment Service Office (PESO) here. In a media interview, Ma. Elena Benitez, City PESO manager, said that the Australia New Zealand Association of Employment Providers of the Philippines, Inc. chooses to recruit Ilonggos because of their positive work attitude. “Ilonggo workers are dedicated to work and they really listen during trainings,” she said. She […]

Mother arrested for killing of 8 children in Australia

(Reuters) — The 37-year-old mother of most of the eight children found dead in a mass stabbing in Australia’s tropical northern city of Cairns was arrested on Saturday (December 20) for murder. Detective Inspector Bruno Asnicar said the woman is under police guard in hospital, where she was taken on Friday (December 19) with stab wounds. She has not yet been formally charged. “Ah look, at the moment as I said, she’s awake, she’s lucid and […]