Bureau of Immigration: American fugitive arrested in Bohol

(Eagle News) — Authorities have arrested an American national wanted for crimes in his country in Bohol.

Bureau commissioner Jaime Morente said Michael Dennis Hartsock, 71, who had a 10-year old warrant of arrest issued by the San Joaquin County Superior Criminal Court in California against him, was nabbed by operatives of the bureau’s Fugitive Search Unit in coordination with the National Bureau of on April 14 in Barangay Ubojan, Loon.

Hartsock, the bureau said citing records, was wanted by US federal authorities for six counts of sexual contact with a minor.

“The fugitive is an undocumented and overstaying alien who poses risk to the security and safety of the public, especially of Filipino children,” Morente said.

“We will deport him and put him on the (bureau’s) blacklist to prevent him from re-entering the country,” he added.

Hartsock is temporarily detained at the NBI’s headquarters in Bohol pending transfer to the bureau’s detention center in Bicutan, Taguig.