Antipolo market on 14-day lockdown after 18 test positive for COVID-19

(Eagle News) — The Antipolo New Public Market has been placed under a 14-day lockdown.

According to the city government, the lockdown, which started on Tuesday, June 30, was after 18 tenants and vendors tested positive for COVID-19.

The results were based on confirmatory tests done on 48 people from the market who previously tested positive for the IgM antibody generated in response to a COVID-19 infection in rapid tests, and who exhibited symptoms at that time.

The 48 people were among 800 tenants and market employees who underwent rapid testing as part of the city government’s expanded targeted testing.

The city government said all of the 18 have been under a mandatory quarantine since June 25.

It said tracing of the COVID-19-positive cases’ close contacts is ongoing.

The police and barangay personnel have also put up a perimeter control in the market area to ensure no one gets in.

The market, the local government said, will also be disinfected.

In a related development, the rapid testing of over 700 vendors at the City Mall of Antipolo on June 23 all yielded negative results, the city government said.