48 more police personnel recover from COVID-19

(Eagle News) — Forty-eight more police personnel have recovered from COVID-19.

The additional recoveries pushed the PNP COVID-19 recovery total to 10,993.

Seventy-six additional cases, however, also pushed the PNP COVID-19 tally to 11575.

Of these, 551 were active.

No additional deaths were reported, which means the PNP COVID-19 death toll remains at 31.

The Philippines kicked off its COVID-19 vaccination drive on Monday, with some medical and government frontliners given the inoculation.

Among the government frontliners inoculated were police personnel.

On Friday, the government said 52 more South African COVID-19 variants had been reported in the country.

It said 31 additional United Kingdom variant cases and “42 additional cases with mutations of potential clinical significance” were also monitored.