2 PNPA employees face raps over illegal drugs

28-year-old source of illegal drugs of one of the employees to be charged, too, PNP says

(Eagle News) — Charges are set to be filed against two Philippine National Police Academy employees and a 28-year-old man over illegal drugs.

In a statement, the PNP identified those to be charged as employees Zepther G. Samonte and Diosdado Reyes, and Noel Miranda.

The PNP said Samonte, a contractual worker, tested positive for illegal drugs in a recent drug screening at the training facility.

Reyes, 25, a stay-in mess hall worker, on the other hand, was identified by Cadet 1st Class John David Macagba as his source of P3000 worth of shabu.

A follow-up operation showed Miranda was the source of the illegal drugs of Reyes, the PNP said.

Recovered from Reyes were drug paraphernalia including used strips of aluminum foil with visible traces of white crystalline substance.

He has been turned over to the Silang Municipal Police Station.

The police, on the other hand, seized two heat-sealed transparent plastic sachets of shabu, P500 in buy-bust money and another P500 bill from Miranda, who was later arrested in Silang.