Japan’s Akita dogs melt foreign hearts

by Natsuko Fukue Agence France Presse TAKASAKI, Japan (AFP) — Hollywood actor Richard Gere, French film star Alain Delon and Russia’s figure skating sensation Alina Zagitova have one thing in common: They adore Japan’s Akita dogs. And they’re not alone. In recent years, foreign ownership of one of Japan’s most famous indigenous breeds has skyrocketed, outstripping domestic demand for the fluffy, perky-eared pooches. Earlier this year, the trend hit the headlines when Zagitova proclaimed her […]

First genetic adaptation to diving discovered in ‘Sea Nomads’

by Kerry SHERIDAN Agence France Presse TAMPA, United States (AFP) — Researchers have discovered the first evidence that people can genetically adapt to deep diving, as shown by the unusually large spleens in indigenous people of Indonesia known as the “Sea Nomads,” a study said Thursday. The spear-fishing Bajau people regularly free-dive to depths of up to 230 feet (70 meters), with only weights and a wooden mask. They spend up to 60 percent of […]

At 96, Mexican woman fulfills dream: going to high school

  TUXTLA GUTIÉRREZ, Mexico (AFP) — Guadalupe Palacios stands out in her high school class in Mexico, and it is not just because of her gray hair, her deeply creased skin or her 96 years. Palacios, who is seeking to live out her dream of finishing high school by her 100th birthday, is also the most enthusiastic student in the classroom. “I feel ready to give it my all. Today is a marvelous day,” she […]

Russia to probe Facebook after Telegram crackdown

  MOSCOW, Russia (AFP) — Russia’s telecoms watchdog plans to probe Facebook before the end of the year after blocking access in the country to the popular messaging app Telegram, its head said on Wednesday. “We will conduct a probe of the company before the end of 2018,” the head of state regulator Roskomnadzor, Alexander Zharov, told pro-Kremlin newspaper Izvestia. Russia’s telecoms regulator has repeatedly warned Facebook it could be banned this year unless it […]

Selfies nina lolo’t lola, nagviral

QUEZON CITY, Philippines (Eagle News) — Kung millennial lang ang may hilig sa selfies, puwes nagkakamali kayo! Dahil viral ngayon sa social media ang nakakakilig na litratong ito kung saan makikita ang pagkuha ng picture ng dalawang matanda sa isa’t-isa habang kumakain sa isang fast-food chain. Si lolo ay todo pose pa sa camera habang si lola naman ay mala-candid shot kung tumawa. Maraming netizen ang kinilig, naantig at nainggit sa eksena ng dalawang matanda. […]

SpaceX blasts off NASA’s new planet-hunter, TESS

  by Kerry Sheridan Agence France Presse TAMPA, United States (AFP) — NASA on Wednesday blasted off its newest planet-hunting spacecraft, TESS, a $337 million satellite that aims to scan 85 percent of the skies for cosmic bodies where life may exist. “Three, two, one and liftoff!” said NASA commentator Mike Curie as the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) soared into the cloudless, blue sky atop a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral, Florida […]

Americans waste 150,000 tons of food per day: study

  TAMPA, United States (AFP) — Americans waste nearly 150,000 tons of food per day, amounting to about one pound (422 grams) per person, and fruits and vegetables are mostly what gets tossed, said a study Wednesday. The amount of land used annually to grow food that ends up in the garbage in the United States is 30 million acres, or seven percent of total US cropland. Some 4.2 trillion gallons of irrigation water gets […]

Facebook rolling out privacy choices under EU rules

MENLO PARK, United States (AFP) — Facebook announced Wednesday it would begin rolling out changes to how it handles private data this week to comply with forthcoming EU rules, with European residents seeing the measures first. The social network, which has been rocked by disclosures about hijacking of personal data on tens of millions of its users, said it will start implementing “new privacy experiences” to comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) […]

Japan to trial ‘world’s first urine test’ to spot cancer

TOKYO, Japan (AFP) — A Japanese firm is poised to carry out what it hailed as the world’s first experiment to test for cancer using urine samples, which would greatly facilitate screening for the deadly disease. Engineering and IT conglomerate Hitachi developed the basic technology to detect breast or colon cancer from urine samples two years ago. It will now begin testing the method using some 250 urine samples, to see if samples at room […]

President Duterte declares month of April as “Filipino Food Month”

(Eagle News) — President Rodrigo Duterte has declared the month of April as the Filipino Food Month. In making the declaration through Proclamation No. 469 signed on April 13, the President noted that under the Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act No. 100466, or the National Cultural Heritage Act of 2009, culinary tradition was “recognized as part of” the country’s “cultural heritage which may be utilized to highlight a nation’s character, and foster national […]

Facebook confirms it collects data beyond users

SAN FRANCISCO, United States (AFP) — Facebook, embattled in a scandal over the mishandling of user data, confirmed Monday that it also collected information from people beyond their social network use. During heated hearings in Congress last week, CEO Mark Zuckerberg had already explained that Facebook collects data beyond what users share their profiles. “When you visit a site or app that uses our services, we receive information even if you’re logged out or don’t […]

SpaceX postpones launch of NASA’s planet-hunter spacecraft

by Kerry Sheridan Agence France Presse TAMPA, United States (AFP) — SpaceX postponed the launch of NASA’s new planet-hunting mission Monday in order to verify the Falcon 9 rocket’s navigation systems, the California-based company said. The next opportunity to blast off the $337 million satellite — which aims to advance the search for extraterrestrial life by scanning the skies for nearby, Earth-like planets — will be Wednesday. The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, or TESS, is […]