Large oil spill washes up to Venezuela shores

CARACAS, Venezuela (AF) — Oil has washed up to Venezuela’s west coast after a leak in a pipeline that takes crude to the country’s main refinery, national oil company PDVSA said on Saturday. The spill has spread over more than 13 kilometers (eight miles) according to the environmental commission of the opposition-majority national parliament. Venezuela suffers fuel shortages despite having the largest proven oil reserves in the world with only a limited number of its refineries currently […]

Vaccine trial by AztraZeneca, Oxford University resumes as virus continues grim march

  by Daniel LAWLER Agence France Presse Clinical trials of one of the most advanced experimental Covid-19 vaccines resumed Saturday after a brief safety pause, as infection numbers continued to march upward in countries across the globe. The world’s hopes for a reprieve from the pandemic were dealt a blow earlier in the week when pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca and Oxford University announced they had “voluntarily paused” their vaccine trial after a UK volunteer developed an […]

NET 25’s new noontime show “Happy Time” promises fun and surprises, as it gives hope amid pandemic

Show starts on Monday, Sept. 14 with hosts Anjo Yllana, Kitkat, and Janno Gibbs (Eagle News) – Get ready for the newest noon time show in the country, “Happy Time” with hosts Anjo Yllana, Kitkat and Janno Gibbs that will surely bring fun and surprises to audiences – both young and old alike. This newest show to be aired starting Monday, Sept. 14, at NET25, of Eagle Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) will be aired weekdays, Monday […]

Why are Brazil’s wetlands engulfed in flames?

by Louis GENOT RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (AFP) — The Pantanal, the world’s biggest tropical wetlands, is burning at record-shattering pace this year as drought-fueled fires devastate its vegetation and celebrated wildlife in an environmental catastrophe. The region, which sits at the southern edge of the Amazon rainforest, is known for its immense biodiversity, drawing wildlife lovers from around the world with its jaguars, jabiru storks, giant otters, caimans, toucans, macaws and monkeys. But in […]

Gather Moon rocks for us, NASA urges private companies

WASHINGTON, United States (AFP) — NASA on Thursday announced it was in the market for Moon rocks, and wants to pay companies to scoop out the dirt, take a photo, and then have it ready for collection by a future mission. The contract doesn’t actually involve getting to the Moon itself — a feat only achieved by the national space agencies of three countries — but instead envisages companies designing a robot that NASA or […]

Vaccine trust growing in Europe, falling in parts of Asia and Africa – survey

by Patrick GALEY Agence France Presse PARIS, France (AFP) — Public trust in vaccine safety is slowly growing in Europe even as it dips in parts of Asia and Africa, researchers said Friday, calling for more investment in health information campaigns for the forthcoming Covid-19 vaccine. The largest ever global survey of vaccine confidence, published in the Lancet medical journal, shows clear links between political instability and misinformation and the levels of trust in the […]

Microsoft’s new Xbox Series X set for November launch, from $499

SAN FRANCISCO, United States (AFP) — Microsoft said Wednesday its next-generation Xbox game console will launch on November 10, with an estimated starting price of $499. The new XBox Series X, Microsoft’s flagship console which competes notably against Sony’s PlayStation devices, will be available for pre-orders from September 22. The news comes one day after Microsoft said it would sell a slimmed-down Xbox S game console priced at $299, also in November. The Xbox Series […]

Water warning as climate risks intensify: report

by Kelly MACNAMARA LONDON, United Kingdom (AFP) — Record temperatures are accelerating the rise of sea levels, melting glaciers and snow coverage and threatening the water supplies for billions, according to a major UN report Wednesday charting the “increasing and irreversible” impacts of climate change. The multi-agency United in Science report said the world had seen its warmest five years on record in the last five years, adding that extreme weather events bore “a clear […]

Smuggled gasoline rescues Venezuelans running on fumes

by Luis Bravo with Margioni Bermudez in Caracas Agence France-Presse MARACAIBO, Venezuela (AFP) — Cheap gasoline smuggled over the border from Venezuela once flooded eastern Colombia. These days, as desperate Venezuelans run out of fuel, the contraband is moving in the other direction. For the first time Colombian gasoline is cheaper and is being smuggled across the border to fuel vehicles in western Venezuela. “It’s a lifeline,” says Roger, a fruit-and-vegetable vendor in Santa Cruz […]

Sudan’s ‘silent death’ from flesh-eating cuts

by Sammy Ketz KHARTOUM, Sudan (AFP) — It seemed little to worry about: Sudanese farmer Khadija Ahmad was planting onions when she stepped on a thorn that pierced her sandal and cut her foot. But the thorn brought with it a flesh-eating infection, a bacterial and fungal disease called mycetoma, which rips through the body causing severe deformities. For Ahmad, a 45-year-old from El-Fasher in western Sudan’s war-ravaged Darfur region, the first she knew something […]

US towns destroyed as firefighters battle wildfires under orange skies

by Javier TOVAR Agence France-Presse Hundreds of homes including entire communities were razed by wildfires in the western United States Wednesday as officials warned of potential mass deaths under apocalyptic orange skies. At least five towns were “substantially destroyed” in Oregon as widespread evacuations took place across the northwestern state, governor Kate Brown said. “I want to be upfront in saying that we expect to see a great deal of loss, both in structures and […]

Obesity greatest risk factor for young adults with Covid-19

WASHINGTON, United States (AFP) — Young adults with underlying conditions such as morbid obesity, diabetes and hypertension are at the highest risk of being placed on a ventilator or dying from Covid-19, according to a study of 3,000 hospitalized patients aged 18 to 34. The analysis, published Wednesday in the journal Jama Internal Medicine, focused on patients hospitalized between April and June in the United States. It confirmed first and foremost that black and Hispanic […]