Early cholesterol treatment lowers heart disease risk: study

PARIS, France (AFP) — Treating younger people with high cholesterol levels may help reduce their risk of heart attack or stroke in later life, a major study showed Wednesday. Described as the “most comprehensive” review of its kind covering almost 400,000 patients over more than 40 years, the study in The Lancet said its findings on the link between cholesterol levels and ill health “may be particularly important in people under 45 years.” A summary […]

Last 10 years hottest decade in history, UN says as emissions rise again

  MADRID, Spain (AFP) — This decade is set to be the hottest in history, the United Nations said Tuesday in an annual assessment outlining the ways in which climate change is outpacing humanity’s ability to adapt to it. The World Meterological Organization said global temperatures so far this year were 1.1 degrees Celsius (two degrees Farenheit) above the pre-industrial average between 1850-1900. That puts 2019 on course to be in the top three warmest […]

NASA finds Indian Moon lander with help of amateur space enthusiast

  WASHINGTON, United States (AFP) — India’s Vikram lunar lander, which crashed on its final approach to the Moon’s surface in September, has been found thanks in part to the sleuthing efforts of an amateur space enthusiast. NASA made the announcement on Monday, releasing an image taken by its Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) that showed the site of the spacecraft’s impact (September 7 in India and September 6 in the US). A version of the […]

In photos: A peek at the Subic Bay venue for the 30th SEA Games

(Eagle News) — “Subic is ready for the 30th South East Asian Games,” said Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) Chairman and Administrator Wilma T. Eisma who led the symbolic lighting of the SEA Games cauldron on Monday. SBMA Senior Deputy Administrator Ramon Agregado, manager of the SEA Games Subic Cluster, said a total of eight venues were prepared for the 17 games to be held in Subic The sports events to be held in Subic […]

Tens of thousands rally in Europe, Asia before UN climate summit

  by Isabelle LE PAGE with Andrew BEATTY in Sydney Agence France Presse Tens of thousands of protesters, primarily in Europe and Asia, hit the streets on Friday to make a fresh call for action against global warming, hoping to raise pressure on world leaders days before a UN climate summit. Carrying signs that read “One planet, one fight” and “The sea is rising, so must we”, thousands flocked to Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate for the […]

Indonesia halts Singapore’s water polo reign at SEA Games after PHL-Singapore 6-6 draw

  by James EDGAR Agence France Presse CLARK, Philippines (AFP) — Indonesia clinched the first gold medal of the Southeast Asian Games in the Philippines on Friday with a historic victory, bringing Singapore’s 54-year stranglehold on the men’s water polo competition to an end. The tournament winners beat Malaysia 14-7 to take the lead in the five-team round-robin competition at the New Clark City Aquatics Centre, but had to watch a nail-biting 6-6 draw between […]

INC Aid to Humanity for OFWs held in Japan

By Tyra’nell Pille-Lu & Dennis John Lu EBC Japan Bureau/Eagle News Service TOKYO, Japan (Eagle News) — Thousands of people, mostly oversees Filipino workers (OFW), benefited from the Aid to Humanity recently held by the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) in Saitama, north of Tokyo. Over 2000 people took part in the whole-day humanitarian event organized by the INC through its humanitarian arm, the Felix Y. Manalo (FYM) Foundation, at the Royal Pines Hotel […]

Polish firm’s drones, from lifesaver to invisible model, take to the skies

by Michel VIATTEAU MIKOLOW, Poland (AFP) — Silently the eight propellers of the Hermes V8MT drone begin to spin and the large yellow aircraft rises up, locates its direction and moments later disappears into the sky in southern Poland. Today the drone is making a successful 8.5-kilometer (5.3-mile) test flight near the headquarters of the Polish firm Spartaqs in the town of Mikolow; soon it will be making journeys between a blood bank and the […]

Revised data shows deforestation in Brazil Amazon at decade high

BRASILIA, Brazil (AFP) — Brazil on Thursday released revised statistics showing deforestation in the Amazon rainforest surpassed 10,000 square kilometers (3,860 square miles) in the year to July 2019, the highest in more than a decade. The National Institute for Space Research (INPE) said last week that satellite data showed 9,762 square kilometers were cleared of trees in the 12-month period, an increase of 29.5 percent. This week’s revised statistics released by the INPE show […]

Scientists spot black hole so huge it ‘shouldn’t even exist’ in our galaxy

BEIJING, China (AFP) — Astronomers have discovered a black hole in the Milky Way so huge that it challenges existing models of how stars evolve, researchers said Thursday. LB-1 is 15,000 light-years from Earth and has a mass 70 times greater than the Sun, according to the journal Nature. The Milky Way is estimated to contain 100 million stellar black holes but LB-1 is twice as massive as anything scientists thought possible, said Liu Jifeng, […]

The eagles have landed: Singapore shows off rare Philippine raptors

SINGAPORE, Singapore (AFP) — Singapore showed off two critically-endangered eagles Wednesday that were loaned from the Philippines as part of a breeding program to reverse the dwindling numbers of the feathered giants. Destruction of tropical rainforest and relentless hunting have decimated the population of the Philippine Eagle — one of the world’s biggest and most powerful birds whose wingspan can reach 2 meters (7 feet) — with only around 800 believed left in the wild, […]

Dead deer found in Thailand with 7kg of plastic in stomach

  BANGKOK, Thailand (AFP) — A wild deer was found dead after swallowing 7 kilograms (15 pounds) of plastic bags and other trash in Thailand, an official said Tuesday, raising the alarm on waste littering the country’s waters and forests. The Southeast Asian country is one of the world’s largest consumers of plastic, with Thais using up to 3,000 single-use plastic bags each per year, whether for wrapping street food, takeaway coffee or packing groceries. […]