What to do when in Zambales?

ZMB_014QUEZON City, Philippines (Eagle News Service, May 19) – Current a favorite spot for summer vacationers and beach enthusiasts, Zambales has become popular for its isolated beaches. Pundaquit, Anawangin, Nagsasa… these are just some of the well-known coves in the province.

What sets the beaches of Zambales apart from other locations in the country is the blessed isolation. Just a few kilometers away from the Metro and you can get away with all the stress associated with city living and unwind in the middle of the pine tress, the mountains providing a cool breeze while the sounds of the waves serves as your background music.

There are also many places where you can eat your stomach’s fill with nice and definitely scrumptious dishes.


The province of Zambales is also a thriving center of art, especially music. World-renowned violinist Coke Bolipata established a center that helps gifted children hone their musical talents, ensuring the future of classical music in the Philippines.

The thriving center of Zambales is Olongapo City. When visiting said city, make sure to stop by the museum to find out about the history of Olongapo. Also visit the markets were the handcrafted souvenirs were made.

(ENS, written by Jay Paul Carlos, additional research by Aimee Mendoza, photos by Landmarks)