Stress-free quarantine tips for parents

Stress-free quarantine tips for parents. (Courtesy NET25 Kids/Illustrations by DJ Albert)


(Eagle News) – Feeling bored while under quarantine?

Is the news about mounting coronavirus cases worldwide stressing you out that you need a break?

Well, there’s a ton of things to do while at home, and parents need not fret.

NET25 Kids enumerated some of the things that parents can do while following the stay-at-home order imposed by various cities and towns.

From checking your house for things to improve or repair, folding your clothes and arranging and organizing cabinets, experimenting with recipes with what you can find in the kitchen or your ref, playing with board games with the family, to checking out movies, books and emails, making creative art out of recyclables, and doing some indoor gardening – these are just some of the many ways you can spend time while inside your homes.

You not only get to spend quality time with your kids and clean and organize your “home sweet home,” but the most important thing is you get to keep your whole family safe from the virus, contributing to the goal of flattening the curve of COVID-19 infections.

So check out these tips from NET25 Kids

(Tips from Diamzel Juacalla-Mendoza with illustrations from DJ Albert, Net25 Kids)

Courtesy NET25Kids



Courtesy NET25 Kids