Innovation and style shine at London Design Festival

from Reuters video file.

LONDON, England (Reuters) — Innovative design and sustainable products are some of the styles dominating this year’s London Design Festival, as designers from around the world showcase some of their most innovative and ambitious projects.

The festival, which was established in 2003, is made up of hundreds of events and exhibitions scattered across the British capital, including at the iconic Victoria & Albert Museum and Somerset House.

As part of the program, a special show called ‘Design Frontiers’ is being held at Somerset House from 18-24 September, featuring a range of designs in automation, fashion and performance. One of the highlights is ‘Mycelium and Timber’, a range of furniture made from fungus and designed by Sebastian Cox and Ninela Ivanova.

The process involves growing your own furniture using a part of a fungus and mixing it with waste woodchip.

British designer Paul Priestman is also exhibiting some of his work there, including a new seat for trains which he said will increase seat capacity by 30 percent.

The London Design Festival runs for nine days.