DOH reports 4,325 record high recoveries bringing down total active cases to just over 35,000

Total recoveries reach 20,371 while total cases hit 57,006

Courtesy DOH


(Eagle News) — The Department of Health reported a new record number of COVID-19 recoveries at 4,325 today, Monday, July 13, bringing the total patients who recovered from the virus to 20,371.

This, as total COVID-19 cases, reached 57,006 with the addition of 836 positive cases.

But because of the more than 4,000 new recoveries, the number of active cases has decreased from the previous 38,679 to only 35,036 cases, as the number of recoveries and deaths are subtracted from the total number of  COVID-19 cases.

The additional 836 new cases came fromt the report of 57 out of the 82 COVID-19 laboratories.

Most of the active cases were mild (92.2 percent) while active cases comprised 7.1 percent.  Severe cases were at 0.4 percent, while critical cases were at 0.3 percent.  The percentage of critical cases was up from the previous 0.1 percent as of last week, July 5.

Courtesy DOH

The DOH also said that there were 89 duplicates that had been removed from the total case count.

Meanwhile, there were 165 new deaths reported as of today, Monday, July 13, bringing the total virus fatalities to 1,599.

(Eagle News Service)