DFA cautions Filipinos on possible scam perpetrated through Social Media Networks

MANILA, April 23 (PIA) — The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) warns the public of a possible scam using professional social networking sites to steal money from unsuspecting individuals.

The Philippine Embassy in Abu Dhabi obtained information that some Filipino nationals received messages sent through certain professional social networking sites regarding a compensation package from an organization called “Middle East Compensation Package”.  The recipients were instructed to make arrangements with the paying bank for the release of this compensation.  The phone number and email address of the contact person were also provided by the sender.

Upon consultation by the Embassy with the bank’s IT and Fraud Department, it was determined that “phishing” is evident in the message, and that it was designed to steal money. The bank requested the police to trace the phone number indicated in the message.

Several overseas Filipinos have already been victimized by scam operators who have designed schemes promising business or personal partnerships.

The DFA urges the public to exercise caution in communicating with unknown individuals through social networking sites, particularly in providing sensitive personal information and responding to entrusted internet offerings involving financial transactions. (DFA)