Commuters we all wish to avoid

QUEZON City, Philippines (Eagle News Service, May 29) – Most Filipinos go from one place to another by the ever-popular method – the commute.

There are many modes of public transportation that we can choose from – pedicabs, tricycles, jeeps, taxis, the MRT, the LRT, the ferry – so we can arrive safely to our destination.

Another mode of transportation that gained popularity by leaps and bounds in the pass year is the express-service type of public utility vehicle. Travelling from terminal to terminal, commuters are assured of reaching their destination with relative comfort and speed.

of course said trip will be comfortable if not for some commuters, who inadvertently, ruin the trip for everyone!

These are the commuters that everyone secretly wish to avoid:



The Talker. This is the passenger that talks in a loud voice that penetrates your eardrums and grates in your skull, not letting you think. Whether talking on the phone or with each other, the Talker has no sense of privacy at all and seems very, very intent in sharing every sordid detail of his life to the captured audience that is his co-passengers! Some Talkers do lower their volume after someone reminds them to keep their tone down but sometimes, a self-important Talker will answer back and let everyone unwillingly know that he is an important person taking an important call! Times like this makes one wish that one can open the door and eject the self-important Talker out of the running vehicle.



The Singer. This commuter treat every ride as his personal audition. With earphones stuck on maximum volume, the Singer sings along with his chosen playlist. Unfortunately, he is not aware that he is singing out loud, disturbing his co-passengers with his out-of-tune voice.



The Eater. Some commuters take the opportunity to eat while travelling between destinations. Unfortunately, the tight space in public transports, especially in express services, are not conducive for a nice, pleasurable meal. Passengers unlucky enough to be seated next to the Eater risk having their clothes stained with food particles. Also, all the passengers end up smelling like the Eater’s meal, since they are all within an enclosed space.



The Sleeper. The most common of the commuters that we wish to avoid. Maybe he studied all night or he is just plain tired, the Sleeper can’t help bu fall asleep, specially in long commutes. Again, this activity has many undesirable consequences, specially when the Sleeper leans towards you and violates your personal space. Talk about too close for comfort! What is more horrible is the fact that sometimes, the Sleeper is also a Snorer!



The Make-up Artist. Maybe she is just late so she was not able to finish her grooming routine at home. As such, she continues her make-up routine in the vehicle, which is unfortunate, because she ends up staining her fellow passengers’ clothes with loose powder, and flakes of blush or, even more horrifying, drops of mascara, which is such a bother to remove. Sometimes, the Make-up Artist finishes her makeover, by blasting herself with perfume, which pervades the enclosed space of the vehicle, forcing others to wallow in the sickly, sweet scent.



The Unmentionable. Finally, we reached the last of our list. Usually, the reason why we don’t want to sit beside the Unmentionable is not his fault. Maybe he is just stressed out or really prone to excessive sweating that defeats all brands of deodorants. The Unmentionable exudes such an overpowering stench that can cause headache, nausea and over-all discomfort for his fellow passengers.

When faced with any of the undesirable passengers mentioned above, remember that politeness goes a long way to make your ride comfortable for everyone.

(ENS, written by Jay Paul Carlos, graphics design by Khryss Leanne Omnes)