NASA’s New Horizons probe begins year-long data transfer after Pluto flyby

WASHINGTON, Sept. 8 (PNA/Xinhua) — Seven weeks after its historic flyby of Pluto, NASA’s New Horizons probe now began to transmit the tens of gigabits of data it collected about the dwarf planet back to Earth. The transmission rate of the July 14 encounter data, however, is especially slow, at only 1-4 kilobits per second, considering the spacecraft’s 4.8 billion-kilometer distance from Earth, which means a radio signal delay of 4.5 hours. As a result, […]

Smart phone ingredient found in plant extracts

GERMANY, September 8 (Reuters) — Scientists in Germany have come up with a method for extracting the precious element germanium from plants. The element is a semi-conductor and was used to develop the first transistor because it is able to transport electrical charges extremely quickly. Nowadays, silicon-germanium alloy is indispensable to modern life, crucial in making computers, smartphones and fiber-optic cables. Transparent in infra-red light, germanium is also used in intelligent steering systems and parking […]

Robot mother builds and improves its own children

(Reuters) Sept. 4 –   This robot is bringing a new sense to the term Mother Nature. Built by the University of Cambridge’s Department of Engineering, this robot ‘mother’ was given a simple command to build ‘children’ capable of locomotion. Assembled from up to five plastic cubes with small internal motors, each robotic offspring is then placed on a surface where its performance is tested. By analyzing the data it collects, the mother robot ensures preferential traits […]

German scientists’ high hopes for ‘budget’ moon rover

SEPT. 1 (Reuters) — German scientists want to prove that space travel needn’t cost the earth — as they prepare to send a home-made rover to the moon. The challenge is to place the robot on the moon’s surface and explore at least 500 meters while transmitting high-definition video and images back to Earth, and all of that at a limited cost of 30 million dollars — a snip compared to the cheapest NASA mission […]

Surfers in Australia reach for electronic devices to keep sharks at bay

A spate of shark attacks in Australia has left those riding the waves at some of world’s top surfing beaches reaching for technology to try to keep the Great Whites at bay. Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere typically draws tens of thousands of surfers and other beach lovers to the warm Pacific waters of eastern Australia’s New South Wales state. But there have been 12 shark attacks in the state this year, compared with only […]

Children dream up the future of cars

AUGUST 27 (Reuters) — Children from all over the world gathered at Toyota Motor Corp’s annual Dream Car Art Contest at Tokyo’s bay side on Wednesday (Aug 26) to share ideas and drawings on the future of cars. Families were invited to watch their children receive prizes for some of their unique ideas, such as cars that allow people to share ideas without language barriers, cars that could plant seeds, or cars that could unite […]

Chilean university student discovers new planet some 300 light years away

A 25-year-old doctorate student in Chile has discovered a new planet which orbits a red star twice the size of the Sun, located 293 light years from Earth. Maritza Soto Vasquez, an Astronomy student at the University of Chile, said that she had happened upon the planet by coincidence, whilst studying the red star, known as “HD 110014”, which she knew already had one planet in its orbit known as “HD110014 b”. It was then […]

NASA found ‘Star Wars’ spaceship on Mars

MOSCOW, Aug. 26 (PNA/Sputnik) — Star Wars fans couldn’t believe their eyes. NASA’s Curiosity Rover took a photo which appears to have captured an object which looks strikingly similar to a Star Destroyer from the blockbuster series. Freshly unveiled photos taken by NASA’s Curiosity Rover caused media hype, as one of them depicts something that looks like the wreckage of a craft from the Star Wars movies. Many franchise fans thought they recognized an Imperial […]

Hackers dump data online from cheating website Ashley Madison -reports

Hackers dumped online personal details of more than a million users of infidelity website, tech websites reported on Tuesday (August 19), the latest high-profile cyber attack that threatens to wreak strife in relationships across the globe. After threatening to release salacious details on as many as 37 million customers of the website, which uses the slogan “Life is short. Have an affair,” hackers claimed to publish a huge cache of email addresses and credit […]

Research aims to develop eco-friendly nanoparticles for pesticides

A new study published in the journal ‘Nature Nanotechnology’ has found that lignin-based, environmentally-benign nanoparticles (EbNPs) could replace the better known and less eco-friendly silver-based nanoparticles in pesticides. Nanoparticles are microscopic particles that exist in the environment and the silver-based nanoparticles are considered the most widely used in pesticides. While the silver-based nanoparticles exhibit broad anti-microbial properties that can kill bacteria, fungi and other microbes, they are also considered hazardous to the environment. For that […]

Computer animation shows how Mars could look

AUGUST 17 (Reuters) — A German university has created a computer-animated video showing a simulated flight over a regions of Mars. Using data gathered from a High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) on board the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Mars Express aircraft which is operated by the German Aerospae Center (DLR), scientists at the Freie Universitaet in Berlin were able to piece together and create a computer-animated video showing how the ground could look in a […]

Samsung Electronics unveils high-end phones in search of sales boost

Aug.14 (Reuters) Samsung Electronics Co Ltd unveiled a new Galaxy Note phablet and a larger version of its curved-screen S6 Edge smartphone on Thursday (August 13), marking a fresh bid by the South Korean company to revive momentum in its handset business. Samsung is the world’s top smartphone maker but its market share fell in the second quarter when the company released its critically acclaimed S6 models, squeezed by Apple Inc’s upscale iPhones and cheaper […]