Wanted: homes for wild animals as Mexico bans them from circuses

Mexico is searching for homes for at least 2,000 tigers, elephants, giraffes, zebras and other exotic beasts that will soon be banned from the country’s circuses. Circus owners are worried about the fate of their animals, which they say are too expensive to keep once the ban kicks in, while government and zoo officials are grappling with myriad difficulties in relocating animals raised to perform tricks under the big top. The prohibition does not take […]

San Diego Zoo raises two Dalmatian pelican chicks

The San Diego Zoo is taking care of a couple of new residents. The Zoo’s Avian Propagation Center is raising two Dalmatian pelican chicks – one of the rarest pelican species in the world. The chicks, one only 2-days old and one 11-days old, were born at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, but their parents were unable to raise them. The chicks will be taken care of at the Avian Propagation Center until they’re […]

Stranded sea lion pups inundate animal rescue centers

California sea lions – mainly pups – are turning up stranded and starved on Southern California beaches in record numbers this year, leaving experts worried that this winter may be the worst season ever documented for the marine mammals. The precise cause is not clear, but scientists believe the sea lions are suffering from a scarcity of natural prey that force nursing mothers to venture farther out to sea for food, leaving their young behind […]

S. African granny dives with sharks to celebrate 100th birthday

A great-grandmother marked her 100th birthday by swimming with sharks off the South African coast on Monday (March 16). Wearing a full body diving suit, Georgina Haywood climbed into a submerged cage to see the sharks under water. “An experience of a lifetime at the end of my life,” she later said. She carried out the daring feat two days after tandem skydiving in Cape Town. Haywood, who planned a number of activities to celebrate […]

Weak euro is good news for American tourists in Paris

American tourists in Paris said on Monday (March 16) that they were more likely to travel to Europe since the euro’s slide towards parity with the dollar, and that once in Europe they were likely to make more purchases. “You don’t feel like you’re spending quite so much. And it’s almost one to one in a way right now between the U.S. dollar and the euro, so it’s also very easy to convert in your […]

Rare white lion cub born at Brazil zoo

A rare white lion cub has been born in a zoo in southern Brazil, the first for the Latin American nation. Two-month-old female cub Clara is reportedly in good health. She was rejected by her mother shortly after giving birth but zookeepers at Beto Carrero World in Santa Catarina have been feeding the adorable cub every few hours a diet of goats’ milk mixed with essential vitamins. For the time being, Clara is in a […]

Rare eagle flies from top of world’s tallest building

A stunning video captured the moment of a rare imperial eagle flew from the top of the world’s tallest building in Dubai, UAE, directly to its falconer’s arm in a world record attempt on Saturday (March 14). The breathtaking stunt was captured on a camera strapped to Darshan, an imperial eagle. In the video the bird can be seen soaring high above the Dubai skyline, before spotting its trainer, falconer Jacques-Olivier Travers, standing in a […]

Sci-fi fans battle for most dazzling comic book costumes

Thousands of comic book fans got decked out in their best fancy dress in London on Sunday (March 15) for one of the UK’s biggest celebrations of sci-fi culture. The London Super Comic Book convention saw fans donning hugely elaborate costume in homage to their favorite comic, sci-fi and Disney characters. The annual event is now in its fourth year and is the biggest comic themed event in the UK. Fans call the dressing up […]

Butterfly Jungle opens at San Diego Zoo

Thousands of butterflies floated and fluttered around the Hidden Jungle Aviary at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park as children and adults alike marveled at the beautiful winged insects. The attendees were treated to a sneak peek of the Safari Park’s annual springtime event, Butterfly Jungle, which opens Saturday (March 14) and runs through April 12. At Butterfly Jungle, the walk-through Hidden Jungle aviary has been transformed into a temporary home for more than 30 […]

Robert Downey Jr. gives “Iron Man” arm to disabled boy

Robert Downey Jr. helped in making one disabled child’s dream even bigger. The actor met the boy in character as his “Iron Man” alter ego Tony Stark to deliver a bionic prosthetic arm. Seven-year old Alex Pring, who was born with a partially developed arm, seemed a little starstruck meeting Downey, who opened two boxes, one containing an arm from Downey’s own Iron Man suit, and another box with a matching arm for Pring, a […]