Infographics: Mother’s Day 2014

Hey, when was the last time you spent quality time with that most special woman in your life? Your Mom! We would like to greet all the mothers out there a Happy Mother’s Day! Please share your Mother’s Day bonding ideas in Comments!

Environment as important as genes in autism, study finds

(Reuters) – Environmental factors are more important than previously thought in leading to autism, as big a factor as genes, according to the largest analysis to date to look at how the brain disorder runs in families. Sven Sandin, who worked on the study at King’s College London and Sweden’s Karolinska institute, said it was prompted “by a very basic question which parents often ask: ‘If I have a child with autism, what is the […]

Fast food products contribute to increased risk of chronic diseases – study

By Aerol B. Patena MANILA (PNA) — — Consuming fast food products can increase the risk of developing chronic diseases such as heart attack, stroke, and diabetes among the youth, a recent study conducted by researchers from the University of the Philippines-Diliman showed. The research showed that most fast food products that are consumed by young people were dense in energy but low in fiber. Meaty dishes were found out to have exceeded the recommended […]

‘Superbugs’ that can overpower antibiotics are spreading: WHO

(Reuters) – The spread of deadly superbugs that evade even the most powerful antibiotics is no longer a prediction but is happening right now across the world, United Nations officials said on Wednesday. Antibiotic resistance has the potential to affect anyone, of any age, in any country, the U.N.’s World Health Organisation (WHO) said in a report. It is now a major threat to public health and “the implications will be devastating”. “We have a big problem […]

Exercising in the heat? Cool down for better performance

(Reuters Health) – Using cold water, ice baths or ice vests before or during a workout in the heat helps athletes perform better, according to a new review. One way to think about it, said study author Dr. Thijs M H Eijsvogels, would be that cooling techniques may reduce the amount of energy the body needs to use to stay cool, leaving more energy for the exercise itself. “More blood will be available for oxygen […]

Are nail salon UV lamps a skin cancer risk?

(Reuters Health) – The ultraviolet lamps used in some nail salons to dry and cure nail polish deliver the same hazardous rays as tanning beds, but it would take many manicures to actually cause damage, suggests a new study. After testing 17 different lamps in nail salons, researchers calculated that it would take between eight and 208 visits – depending on the machine – to damage skin cells in a way that raises cancer risk. […]

Exclusive: Sanofi explores $7 billion-plus drug divestiture – sources

  (Reuters) – The French pharmaceutical company is working with Evercore Partners Inc and has contacted potential buyers in the past few months, the people said on Tuesday, asking not to be named because the matter is private. The drugs for sale include treatments for high blood pressure and cardio-metabolic diseases and have roughly $3.7 billion in combined annual revenue, one of the people said. The portfolio could fetch up to two times that amount, […]

Possible cure for Mers-CoV in the offing?

Could there soon be a possible antidote to battle the dreaded Mers-CoV? Doctors and scientists worldwide are hopeful after research teams from China and the United States have reportedly stumbled upon anti bodies that can possibly be the initial step toward creating a remedy to battle the disease. This according to the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP), which reported the findings presented by Harvard’s Dana-Fabrer Cancer Institue and the University of North […]

A Day In The Life Of Fashion Blogger – Laureen Uy

The Style Breaker, Laureen Uy from “Break My Style” Meet Laureen Uy, a fashion and travel blogger from Manila. She shares her life and stories through blogging. Laureen is an inspiration to many for her dashing and daring fashion combinations, and her equally endearing personality. We had a chance to interview Laureen Uy through email to ask her random questions about her blog and her daily life as a blogger. Who is Laureen Uy?   […]