“Buhay Bahay” of EBC’s “E25 Records” gives a positive take on life under community quarantine

  (Eagle News) – How will you deal with life under quarantine or social distancing amid the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak worldwide? This song, “Buhay Bahay” (House Life) of E25 Records performed by Filipino rapper “Rapido” describes how this life is as millions of people affected by this virus is changing lifestyles across the world. In the song, E25 Records artist Rapido gives a positive spin and some advice to those forced to life under […]

Use of e-prescriptions for senior citizens, other vulnerable persons allowed due to COVID-19 quarantine

(Eagle News) – The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has allowed the use of electronic drug prescriptions for senior citizens and other individuals vulnerable to COVID-19. In a circular, the FDA authorized licensed physicians to issue electronic prescriptions for patients who are senior citizens, persons with disability (PWD), and those with chronic illness or immune-compromised conditions who need to take medicines and prescription drugs. “A large percentage of recorded fatalities came from this group of […]

WATCH: Telecommuting and tele-schooling : San Antonio, Texas update

WASHINGTON D.C. (Eagle News) —  “The balance of having to be a mom at the same time and…working and at the same time—having to care for my five-year-old daughter has been a little bit of a challenge.” Czara Venegas is An Equal Opportunity Advisor from U.S. Department of Defense, shares with Eagle News International Washington, D.C. how the COVID-19 lockdown is affecting work life and mom life. Enter Telecommuting and Tele-schooling. “We try to maintain […]

China reports no new local virus cases for second day

BEIJING, China (AFP)— China on Friday reported no new local cases of the deadly coronavirus for a second straight day, but its progress against the disease was confronted by another increase in imported infections. The country’s drop in cases offers a ray of hope for the rest of the world as a slew of other nations go into lockdown in an effort to emulate China’s tactic against the disease. The number of deaths in China has […]

First virus death in Sub-Saharan Africa as WHO warns ‘prepare for worst’

by Armel Baily with David Esnault in Abidjan Agence France-Presse OUAGADOUGOU, Burkina Faso (AFP) —Sub-Saharan Africa has recorded its first COVID-19 death, a high-ranking politician in Burkina Faso, as the head of the World Health Organization urged the continent to “prepare for the worst”. “Africa should wake up,” Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told a news conference in Geneva on Wednesday, pointing out that “in other countries, we have seen how the virus actually accelerates after a certain […]

Scientists search for vaccine for new Coronavirus

Jerome Kim, the Director General of the International Vaccine Institute in Seoul, South Korea, sits with  Agence France-Presse (AFP) to discuss the steps and measures being taking by the scientific community to develop a vaccine for COVID-19. Kim says it is ‘kind of remarkable’ that new coronavirus vaccine research is at the ‘pre-clinical stage’ as the world scrambles to find a solution to the outbreak.

‘Collective fear’ psychologist explains panic behavior amid coronavirus pandemic

French professor and researcher, Dr. Jocelyn Raude, sits down with Agence France-Presse (AFP), to explain the psychology of “Collective fear” and panic behavior. “There are contagion effects on the social level: this small minority generates a feeling of concern spread to the rest of the population through the mobilization of resources for basic necessities.” Dr. Raude also explains the difference between the elderly (most affect by the virus) and the youth about their fears. “When […]

Nintendo online gaming network back; relief for quarantined gamers

TOKYO, Japan (AFP) — Gamers breathed a sigh of relief on Wednesday after the end of a network outage that affected Nintendo’s online games, with internet-based systems under increasing pressure from people staying home over coronavirus. “The issue with our network services has now been fixed. Thank you for your patience!” tweeted Nintendo on its European Twitter account, with similar messages posted on its other accounts. The hours-long outage affected its online games but also […]

“We are stronger than this virus”- EBC interviews US doctor who stresses value of following measures to prevent virus spread

  (Eagle News) — EBC Washington Bureau interviews a geriatrician, a doctor especializing in senior health care, who tells the viewers how adjustments are made in the US to make sure that health services continue to be given to the elderly amid the rising cases there. In the video interview, Dr. Minerva Navarro from Palo Alto, California also explained how doctors are more worried about “asymptomatic cases” as these can be much more dangerous since […]