Florida reef transforms into underwater art gallery

  KEY WEST, Florida (Reuters) — An artificial reef in the Florida Keys has become a temporary gallery for a sub sea art exhibition. Video released on Sunday (April 3) by the Florida Keys News Bureau shows divers hanging artwork on the 523-foot Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg, the world’s second-largest artificial reef located in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary about seven miles south of Key West. Over the weekend, divers installed a dozen photo […]

Santa Barbara Zoo welcomes baby giraffe

SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA, United States (Reuters) — The Santa Barbara Zoo welcomed a baby Masai giraffe last week, following a nearly 15-month pregnancy of its mother Audrey. The unnamed male calf was born on March 26, weighing in at 191 pounds (87 kilograms) and standing 6’6″ tall (198 centimeters). The zoo said both the calf and mama are doing well. There are an estimated 37,000 Masai giraffes in Kenya and Tanzania, the zoo reported, and […]

Rare Caesarian-born baby gorilla taken out to enclosure for the first time.

BRISTOL, ENGLAND, UK – Seven-week-old Afia, the first gorilla born by Caesarian section in the U.K. was taken by one of her surrogate zoo keeper mothers into the gorilla enclosure for the first time on Wednesday (March 30). It was a tiring moment for the tiny creature, who fell asleep in her keeper’s arms. The western lowland gorilla was born in an emergency C-section operation last month, which is both very rare and risky in […]

Sleep the night with sharks at the Paris aquarium

PARIS,France – A few lucky contest winners will be granted the chance to spend a night amongst sharks through an event organised by the Aquarium of Paris and holiday rental website Airbnb, creating a research platform in the process. Contestants must enter the competition through the rental sharing website and write a bit about themselves including why they should be the ones to win by midnight on April 3. Following the selection, different sets of winners […]

Philippines, most vulnerable country because of climate change – Al Gore

  By Caesar Vallejos Eagle News online correspondent (Eagle News) — The room was uncomfortably hotter. Maybe because I was only 10 feet away from former US Vice President and global climate action advocate Al Gore or it could be his ‘Nostradamic’ predictions on what happens next with the planet and in the Philippines: At the Climate Reality Leadership Corps held recently by Al Gore’s team at Hotel Sofitel, he emphasized that the global warming pollution is […]

Gore makes more dire predictions on climate change; connects Zika virus to climate crisis

  By Caesar Vallejos Eagle News online correspondent (Eagle News) — The Zika virus is connected to the climate crisis and climate change is now a medical emergency. This was just one of the many observations of former United States Vice-President and global climate action advocate Al Gore when he visited the country and again made a call to action against the worsening global warming that the planet is experiencing. At the recent Climate Reality […]

Carbon Scoring Is PH’s biggest contribution to global sustainability

By Caesar Vallejos Eagle News online correspondent (Eagle News) — Impact investing leader James Donovan revealed that carbon scoring is the Philippines’ biggest contribution to global sustainability because of the country’s strong data management capabilities.  This, Donovan said in his recent lecture at the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) of the Philippines in Makati City, where he holds the position as the Co-Chair of its Environment and Urban Development Committee.  Carbon scoring, according to UK […]

Coal plants use enough water to supply 1 bn people: Greenpeace

HONGKONG, China (AFP) — Coal plants are draining an already dwindling global water supply, Greenpeace warned Tuesday, consuming enough to meet the basic needs of one billion people and deepening a worldwide crisis. Announcing its first global plant-by-plant study, Greenpeace said coal power use will increase with newly built plants, causing “huge stress” on the world’s major river basins and threatening communities. In its report “The Great Water Grab: How the Coal Industry is Deepening the […]

Plants adapt to climate change better than many thought: study

WASHINGTON, United States (AFP) — Plants respond a bit better to global warming than scientists had thought, according to a new study that suggests their potential contribution to worsening global warming is not likely as bad as researcher believed. When it gets hotter, plants breathe harder. And the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide is produced by respiration. That’s why researchers think that as Earth is warmed by CO2 from people’s activities, plants may add to the […]

Millions Shine a Light on Climate Action for Earth Hour 2016

Earth Hour, organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), rolled across the world last 19 March as millions came together to shine a light on the climate action our planet needs. The 10th edition of the movement’s signature switch-off saw individuals, communities, organizations and landmarks in an unprecedented 178 countries and territories switch off in solidarity with global efforts to change climate change. Taking place months after the historic climate summit in Paris, […]

Coconut – The tree of life

QUEZON City, Philippines (March 21) – In the Philippines the Coconut tree is called the “Tree of Life’’, because of the endless products derived from its various parts.  They say if you’re stranded in a desert island all you have to do is find a coconut tree and you will survive. In fact during the Typhoon Haiyan -known locally as Yolanda- in 2013, affected families survived on coconuts alone for days! From leaves to roots, almost all […]

UNESCO adds 20 new sites to list of biosphere reserves

The United Nation’s cultural body UNESCO has added 20 new sites to its network of protected biosphere nature reserves, including two in Canada and two in Portugal. The status was conferred during a two-day meeting in Lima that ended Saturday, which brought the total number of biosphere reserves to 669 across 120 countries. In Canada, the Tsa Tue area in the country’s Northwest Territories that includes the last pristine arctic lake was added to the […]