Eco-complex could breathe new life into Cairo

Cairo probably isn’t the first city where you would expect to see a multi-billion dollar eco complex. But that is set to be a reality within four years, thanks to futuristic plans designed by Belgian-born architect Vincent Callebaut. The Gate Residence will be built in the city’s Heliopolis district and feature 1,000 apartments powered by solar panels, wind turbines and heating tubes. Living columns of vegetation that use the Sun’s rays to heat water and […]

Polar bear aids scientists in research

Tatqiq, a 14-year-old polar bear at the San Diego Zoo, is helping scientists gain knowledge of her endangered species by simply wearing a specialized collar. Over several months, the 520-pound polar bear has been fitted daily with a collar that essentially tracks her movements so biologists can understand the behaviors of polar bears. The 2.5-pound white collar is outfitted with an accelerometer, which measures her movements, and Tatqiq is wearing it as part of a […]

Urban agri can boost food security in cities—DA

QUEZON CITY- A mixture of urban agricultural production technologies can enable cities to produce their own food, complementing the government’s efforts in the countryside to maintain food security in the country, according to the Department of Agriculture (DA). At the launching of DA’s urban agriculture project in Las Piñas City on February 4, Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala said that urban agriculture can provide additional source of fresh and safe food and extra income for urban residents, […]

Rare megamouth shark found in Albay

A 15 foot megamouth male shark found by fishermen with its tail missing was washed up on a beach in Marigondon, Pioduran in between Albay and Masbate provinces last January 28, 2015. Nonie Enolva, head of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources-Regional Emergency Stranding Response Team (BFAR-RESRT) said that “the megamouth shark is a rare deep-water shark with a wide open mouth that eats planktons and jellyfish.” The shark has been named toothless by […]

Boston hit with more snow

Boston and other areas of the Northeast, already buried under about a yard (91 cm) of snow, braced for up to two more feet (60 cm) the the next couple of days, while more rain and high winds were in store for parts of the Pacific coast, forecasters said on Sunday (February 8). The National Weather Service predicted a “long duration snow event” in Boston and surrounding areas of New England and issued a winter […]

Climate change, extinctions signal Earth in danger zone: study

(Reuters) – – Climate change and high rates of extinctions of animals and plants are pushing the Earth into a danger zone for humanity, a scientific report card about mankind’s impact on nature said on Thursday. An international team of 18 experts, expanding on a 2009 report about “planetary boundaries” for safe human use, also sounded the alarm about clearance of forests and pollution from nitrogen and phosphorus in fertilisers. “I don’t think we’ve broken […]

2014 was Earth’s hottest year, could lead to storm surges, flooding -NASA scientist

Last year was Earth’s warmest on record, bolstering the argument that people are altering the planet’s climate by relentlessly burning fuels that belch greenhouse gases into the air, two major U.S. government agencies said on Friday (January 16). Separate studies by the U.S. space agency NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration showed that the 10 warmest years on record have taken place since 1997. “What was found for 2014 was that 2014 was […]