OFWs in Saudi Arabia want to go home

According to the Blas Ople Center, the government should implement a deployment ban to stop the sending of new overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) to Saudi Arabia as the situation continues to worsen between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Said center added that several OFWs in Saudi Arabia are now asking help to go back to the Philippines. (Eagle News Service Described by Jay Paul Carlos, Video Editing by Dexter Magno, Uploaded by MRFaith Bonalos)

China’s stock markets open high Friday

China’s stock markets opened high on Friday after trading was halted early in the previous day as a seven-percent drop triggered the newly-introduced circuit breaker mechanism. The benchmark Shanghai Composite Index opened up 2.23 percent at 3,194.63 points Friday morning while the smaller Shenzhen index opened at 11,008.89 points, 2.31 percent up. Trading was halted for the day on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets on Thursday morning after shares tumbled over seven percent and […]

Residents in Chinese city not far from NK testing site say “no guarantees” of health safety

Residents in a Chinese city near the North Korean border said they have no way to protect themselves in the face of Pyongyang’s recent nuclear weapons test. North Korea carried out a nuclear test on Wednesday (January 6), although the U.S. government and weapons experts doubt Pyongyang’s assertion that the device it exploded was a powerful hydrogen bomb. The test angered both the United States and China, which was not given prior notice. Residents in […]

South Korea says not yet considering shutting Kaesong complex after North Korea nuclear test

South Korea said on Friday (January 8) it was not yet considering shutting down the Kaesong industrial complex run jointly with North Korea, located north of the rivals’ border, after the North’s latest nuclear test this week. “We’re not at the stage that we can say whether we will close (the Kaesong Industrial Complex) or pull out (people),” said South Korean Unification Ministry spokesman, Jeong Joon-hee, at a news briefing. The Unification Ministry also said […]

Santos defends justice accord with FARC following criticism from rights group

Colombia’s Juan Manuel Santos responded to critcism from the rights group, Human Rights Watch, in relation to a justice accord with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), saying that ‘perfect accords’ don’t exist. The rights group likened an accord signed between the government and the rebels in mid-December to a ‘impunity piñata’. The pact establishes that FARC members, military personnel and even civilians who accept resposibility for crimes committed during the conflict and truthfully […]

Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro slams removal of Hugo Chavez portraits from Congress

Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro slammed on Thursday (January 7) the recent removal of images of socialist leader and former president Hugo Chavez from the new opposition-led Congress. Furious after this week’s unceremonious removal of the giant Chavez photos, Maduro berated the president of the National Assembly, Henry Ramos, saying the move was an insult to 19th century independence hero, Simon Bolivar. “That which happened yesterday [in reference to removal of Chavez photos from Congress] is part […]

Paris police kill man armed with meat cleaver on Charlie Hebdo anniversary

French police shot dead a man wielding a meat cleaver after he tried to enter a police station on Thursday, the anniversary of militant attacks in Paris, wearing what turned out to be a fake suicide belt. The Paris prosecutor said the man had also been carrying a mobile phone and sheet of paper bearing the Islamic State flag and claims of responsibility by the militant group written in Arabic. He has yet to be […]

Volkswagen likely to buy back 115,000 cars in U.S

BERLIN   German automaker Volkswagen AG assumes it will have to buy back about 115,000 cars in the United States as a result of the emissions scandal, a newspaper reported on Thursday. Without citing its sources, Germany’s daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung said the company expected it would have to either refund the purchase price of a fifth of the diesel vehicles affected or offer a new car at a significant discount. Volkswagen expects that the rest of […]

DFA advises OFWs in Middle East to be cautious

The Department of Foreign Affairs asked the overseas Filipino workers in Saudi Arabia to take extra precautions as well as avoid crowded places as tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran continues to rise. According to OFWs in Saudi Arabia, the kingdom’s security measures were strictly felt, with checkpoints inspecting all motorists. (Eagle News Service Described by Jay Paul Carlos, Video Editing by Dexter Magno, Uploaded by MRFaith Bonalos)

U.S., South Korea defence chiefs discuss apparent North Korea nuclear test

South Korean Defence Minister Han Min-koo said on Thursday (January 7) he discussed with U.S. counterpart Ash Carter North Korea’s latest nuclear test. Han said Carter reaffirmed the ‘ironclad’ commitment to the South. “Secretary Carter reaffirmed the ironclad commitment of the United States to the defence of the Republic of Korea, and that this commitment includes all aspects of the United States’ extended deterrence,” said Han at a briefing in Seoul. The two defence chiefs […]

Experts cast doubt on North Korea’s H-bomb claim

North Korea said it successfully tested a powerful nuclear bomb even though experts voiced doubt the device set off by the isolated nation was as advanced as Pyongyang claimed. While North Korea has a long history of voicing bellicose rhetoric against the United States and its Asian allies, the assertion by Pyongyang on Wednesday (January 6) that it had tested a hydrogen device, much more powerful than an atomic bomb, came as a surprise. North […]

Residents in Chinese border express fear over North Korean nuclear test

Residents in Yanji, a Chinese city not far from the North Korean border, expressed concern and fear on Thursday (January 7), a day after North Korea’s latest nuclear test. North Korea said it successfully tested a powerful nuclear bomb on Wednesday (January 6), drawing threats of further sanctions even though the United States and weapons experts voiced doubts the device was as advanced as the isolated nation claimed. The underground explosion shook the earth so […]