Indonesia says search still on for missing Airbus, 162 passengers on board

The search resumed Monday for the missing Air Asia flight Q8501 from Indonesia with 162 passengers on board, as families turn to prayer for their loved ones who went missing along with the plane. Indonesia’s Air Transportation Department on Sunday (December 28) said the search was still on for missing Air Asia flight Q8501 and that nothing had been found of the plane so far. The plane lost contact with Indonesian air traffic controllers after […]

Hippo jumps from moving truck in Taiwan, startles locals

(Reuters) — A hippo being transported on a truck in South Taiwan’s Miaoli County on Friday (December 26) jumped out of the vehicle, and broke its leg and tooth, being left stranded on the street for hours before being rescued, local media reported. The hippo jumped through the window of the moving truck and hit a parked car before falling on the ground, local media said. Footage aired on FTV, a local broadcaster, showed the […]

Former HK chief secretary convicted for corruption

Former Hong Kong chief secretary Rafael Hui was sentenced by Hong Kong’s High Court on Tuesday to seven-and-a-half years for corruption and misconduct. Hui was ordered to pay the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government a fine of 11.182 million H.K. dollars (about 1.437 million U.S. dollars). Hui was convicted on five counts of misconduct and corruption, which makes him the highest-ranking official in Hong Kong’s history to be found guilty of taking bribes. […]

Cyber attack of NoKor is not an Act of War – Obama

United States President Barack Obama said that the massive hacking of Sony Pictures was “not an act of war” on North Korea which it suspected for hacking the controversial movie, “The Interview.” For several years now, North Korea has been on the radar of the U.S. long been on the wrong side of the United States.  Whatever tension there was between the two has just become more severe. The recent massive hacking of movie giant, […]

North Korea suffers Internet outage, hacking may be to blame, says U.S. expert

(Reuters) – North Korea experienced Internet outages on Monday, a U.S. company that monitors Internet infrastructure said, adding that the reason for the problems was not known. “For the past 24 hours North Korea’s connectivity to the outside world has been progressively getting degraded to the point now that they are totally offline,” said Doug Madory, director of Internet analysis at New Hampshire-based Dyn Research. “There’s either a benign explanation – their routers are perhaps […]

U.N. council overrides China to add Nokor to agenda

Members of the U.N. Security Council on Monday (December 22) voted to override China’s objections and formally add the situation in North Korea, including allegations of grave human rights abuses, to the council’s agenda. There were 11 votes in favor, two against and two abstentions. Veto powers Russia and China voted against the inclusion of North Korea on the council’s agenda, but as there are no vetoes in procedural votes of the council, the Chinese […]

Japan Condemns Sony Hacking

Japan on Monday (December 22) strongly condemned a cyber attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment that the United States has blamed on North Korea, and said it was maintaining close contact with Washington on the matter. Japan’s top government spokesman Cabinet Secretary General Yoshihide Suga told reporters in a news conference that they would “coordinate closely with the United States on this incident.” He also expressed Japan’s support for measures being undertaken by the United States. […]

China to strengthen maritime power

A report from a major Chinese daily said that Beijing will set up a comprehensive maritime observation system including radar and weather stations to strengthen its maritime power, a move that may exacerbate the tension in the region.

U.S. Marine in Philippine murder case makes first court appearance

A United States Marine accused of killing a transgender Filipino appeared in a Philippine court for the first time on Friday, as his lawyers sought the suspension of the trial, in a case that could test the strength of security ties between the two allies. The Marine, Joseph Scott Pemberton, who is being held at a U.S. facility at the main Philippine army base, was charged with the murder of Jeffrey Laude, who was found […]

Eight children killed in reported mass stabbing in Australia, woman injured

Eight children have been killed and a woman injured, police said on Friday (December 19), during what media outlets reported was a mass stabbing in Australia’s tropical northern city of Cairns. Queensland state police said in a statement they were called to a house in the Cairns suburb of Manoora just before midday after reports of a woman with serious injuries on the premises. Detective Inspector Bruno Asnicar of Queensland Police addressed reporters at the […]

Three dead in Japan as weather dumps snow, triggers tidal surges

Japan’s Meteorological Agency called on people to exercise more caution after three people died across the nation, as a low pressure system dumped heavy snows in some parts of Japan and triggered a tidal surge flood in others. At least two people died while shovelling heavy snow, one in Niigata prefecture and another in Akita prefecture, according to Kyodo News Agency. Another died in a pile up caused by snow on the road. In Niigata prefecture, a full metre (3.2 feet) of snow […]

132 students, 9 staffers killed in Taliban attack on Pakistan school

(Reuters) — At least 132 students and nine staff members were killed on Tuesday (December16) when Taliban gunmen broke into a school in the Pakistani city of Peshawar and opened fire, an army spokesman said, in the bloodiest massacre the country has seen for years. “In the rescue operation today, around 960 children and staff members were rescued from here. I have given you the casualty figures, but I will repeat it again for your knowledge that 132 children and nine […]