Featured Photos: International

Grouse Mountain in Vancouver, Canada

  (Eagle News) — These photos by Eagle News correspondent Arlene Cornel Jugado of Grouse Mountain, one of the North Shore Mountains of the Pacific Ranges in the District Municipality of North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, show a picturesque view of Vancouver’s peak.

Enjoying the snow in Taiwan

  (Eagle News) — Shown here are young folks in Taiwan who experienced snow for the first time early this year in Miaoli, near Shantan lake.  Photos were taken by eagle news correspondent Armie Hsu.

Pasugo drive in photos: Thumbs up

(Eagle News) — This young woman in Bonn, Germany makes the “thumbs up” sign as she gears up for “Worldwide Pasugo Drive” of the Iglesia Ni Cristo on Saturday, February 20, 2016.   Wherever in the world they may be, INC members across the globe moved as one in sharing their faith as they heeded the call of the Church Administration to spread the message of salvation to their fellowmen.   (Eagle News Service)  

Pasugo drive in photos: All systems go, even in the snow

(Eagle News) — Snow and very cold weather did not deter Iglesia Ni Cristo members from distributing copies of the Pasugo (God’s Message) magazine to show their unity in the call of the Church Administration to share the faith.   The INC members across the globe participated in the Worldwide Pasugo drive on Saturday, Feb. 20, 2016 in preparation for the Church’s worldwide evangelical mission on Feb. 29. 2016.  

Iglesia Ni Cristo Worldwide Pasugo Drive in action

IGLESIA Ni Cristo brethren in the Philippines and all over the world conducted simultaneous dissemination of Pasugo (God’s Message) magazines on Saturday, February 20,  2016, in unity with the Church Administration’s drive to help propagate the message of salvation across the globe. Wherever in the world they may be, the INC brethren went around their respective neighborhoods and work areas to disseminate the Pasugo magazines and to invite their fellowmen to listen to the worldwide […]

The Waterfront of National Harbor, Maryland

  (Eagle News) — National Harbor is a resort destination in Maryland located a few miles outside Washington DC. It is now home to hotels, shops, and recreational activities for the family. Whether you are visiting from another state or just seeking a quick escape from the busy streets of the nation’s capital, you are in for a wonderful experience. Famous for The Capital (Ferris) Wheel, The Carousel, and water activities like kayaking, paddle boarding, and […]

Sunrise at Corpus Christi shoreline

(Eagle News) —  This photo of the sunset along the shoreline of Corpus Christi in Texas taken by Gilbert Basa shows its serene beauty.  Corpus Christi is a coastal city in the South Texas region of the U.S.  state of Texas. It has been nicknamed “Texas Riviera” and “Sparkling City by the Sea” in tourist literature.  

Shantan Lake in Taiwan

(Eagle News) — These captivating photos of Shantan Lake in Taiwan were taken by Eagle News correspondent Armi Hsu. Shantan Lake in Taiwan is located on top of a mountain some 800 meters above sea level.