Avatar sequel may be delayed

The sequel to Avatar will be delayed, with its creator James Cameron saying that the script is very detailed, which justifies the postponement of said sequel which supposedly will be released in 2016.

Sony’s ‘The Interview’ earns $31 million online, $5 million at theaters

Sony’s provocative North Korea parody “The Interview” has earned more than $31 million from online, cable and telecoms sales since its December release, Sony Pictures Entertainment said on Tuesday (January 6). The raunchy comedy was rented or purchased more than 4.3 million times between Dec. 24 and Jan. 4 on online and video-on-demand platforms. To date, the film has earned $5 million at the theatrical box office, with 580 independent theaters showing the movie in […]

Sony Pictures’ “The Interview” grosses more than $1million

Sony Pictures comedy “The Interview” grossed more than $1 million in limited release at the U.S. box office on Thursday (December 25), the studio said on Friday. The 44 million dollar (USD) film was pulled from wide release after major U.S. movie chains balked at showing the movie owing to security concerns, and it was instead shown at some 320 smaller theaters in the United States, less than 10 percent of its planned wide release. […]

Sony finally releases “The Interview”

Sony Pictures makes the controversial comedy, “The Interview,” available on Wednesday (December 24) through online video platforms run by Google, Microsoft and Sony itself, ahead of a limited theatrical release on Thursday (December 25). Sony, which just last week canceled the release of the comedy – about two TV talk show hosts who are sent to North Korea to assassinate its leader – is now looking for ways to widen its distribution beyond a small […]

Sony Pictures announced it will now be releasing “The Interview”

Sony Pictures, who announced just a week ago that they will be delaying the release of “The Interview” due to a massive cyber attack,  will now be showing  the satirical movie this December 25, but only in a limited number of theaters, according to Reuters News. Initially, Sony made the decision to retract the release after many theaters opted to not show the film because of security concerns. According to the Washington Times’ website, a petition […]

More Americans disapprove of Sony film cancellation: Reuters/Ipsos poll

(Reuters) – Nearly half of Americans believe Sony Pictures made the wrong decision by canceling the theatrical release of the comedy “The Interview,” the film that provoked a cyberattack on the studio, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Monday. Forty-seven percent of respondents said they disagreed with Sony scrapping the film last Wednesday, after several movie theater chains chose not to screen the raunchy satire that depicts the assassination of North Korean leader Kim […]

Cyber attack of NoKor is not an Act of War – Obama

United States President Barack Obama said that the massive hacking of Sony Pictures was “not an act of war” on North Korea which it suspected for hacking the controversial movie, “The Interview.” For several years now, North Korea has been on the radar of the U.S. long been on the wrong side of the United States.  Whatever tension there was between the two has just become more severe. The recent massive hacking of movie giant, […]

Raspy-voiced British soul singer Joe Cocker dies at 70

Raspy-voiced, Grammy-winning singer Joe Cocker, best known for his cover of the Beatles’ “With A Little Help From My Friends” and “You Are So Beautiful,” has died, his agent said on Monday (December 22, 2014). He was 70. The death was confirmed by Marshall Arts, the company of Cocker’s agent, Barrie Marshall, in England, which gave no other details. Cocker was born in Sheffield, England, and worked as a gas fitter while pursuing a singing […]

U.S. says North Korea behind cyber attack on Sony Pictures – CNN

U.S. officials have determined that North Korea was indeed behind the cyber attack on Sony Pictures, according to CNN. The movie studio said on Wednesday (December 17) that it had decided to cancel the December 25 theatrical release of its North Korea comedy “The Interview.” The decision came after several major U.S. theater chains pulled out of showing the film following threats from hackers. “I think that when the threat moved from the virtual world to the physical world, that’s when […]