ASEAN Perspectives

ASEAN Financial Integration: Challenges and Prospects

(Eagle News Service) — The ASEAN integration economic blueprint envisions the establishment of a single market and production base, a highly competitive economic region, a region of equitable economic development, and a region fully integrated into the global economy.  Among components identified are improved market access within the region, investment facilitation, establishment of a single aviation market and financial integration.  Financial integration involves the banking sector and the financial markets. In this connection, there is […]

Political Dynasties in the ASEAN Region

(Eagle News Service) — The rise of political dynasties is said to threaten the vibrancy of the political systems of the biggest democracies in Southeast Asia – Indonesia and the Philippines.  This was according to an article from the East Asia Forum. While political dynasties are not foreign to Indonesian democracy, this was somehow challened with the recent victory of President Joko Widodo, a former governor of Jakarta. It has also been said that the […]

Preparing the PHL for the ASEAN Economic Community 2015

Trade Advisory Group chief and World Trade Organization (WTO) panelist Atty. Antonio Abad further gives insights on the prospects for the Philippines when ASEAN integration comes in next year. In this episode of ASEAN in Focus (Nov. 28), Abad also talks about basic economics and what would be happening with the establishment of an ASEAN economic community. Abad said the “positives definitely outweigh the negatives” for the Philippines when ASEAN becomes a regional economic hub […]

Preparing the Philippines for the ASEAN Economic Community 2015

(Eagle News Service) — Starting 2015, the whole ASEAN region will be moving towards the ASEAN economic community (AEC) wherein there will be a single market economy with free movement of goods, services and investments throughout the 10-member nations of the ASEAN.  It would be the culmination of the regional grouping’s economic efforts since the 1990s. There are two conflicting views emerging in the Philippines on whether or not the country is ready for economic […]

Climate change implications of the ASEAN integration

(Eagle News Service) — Even the upcoming ASEAN integration has climate change implications since increased economic activity, including the transport of goods and services across and from the ASEAN region, will lead to increasing carbon footprints, according to the president of the Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement (PRRM). PRRM president Isagani Serrano, who guested in NET 25’s ASEAN in Focus on Nov. 19,  is also a noted environmental advocate.  He is a co-convenor  of Social Watch-Philippines, […]

The DOST’s role in preparing the country for ASEAN integration

ASEAN leaders recognize that science, technology and innovation can be powerful determinants and enablers of economic development, educational programs and protection of the environment. They also recognize that science and technology is a key factor in sustaining economic growth, enhancing community well-being and promoting integration in the ASEAN region. To build a stronger science and technology base for asean as a single integrated economy,  ASEAN member countries would have to move up the technology ladder.  […]

Are Philippine rural communities prepared for the ASEAN integration?

  Narrowing the development gap in ASEAN refers to reducing various forms of disparities among and within member states where some pockets of underdevelopment persist.  And it is in the rural areas, where this underdevelopment is usually found. In preparing for the ASEAN integration in 2015, the rural communities thus also play a vital role in the region. In this Nov. 18, 2014 interview in ASEAN in Focus, the President of the Philippine Rural Reconstruction […]

A National Artist’s view of ASEAN integration

  For this episode of ASEAN in Focus,  we have interviewed national artist, Dr. Virgilio Almario.  Dr. Almario currently serves as the chairman of the Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino (KWF), the government agency mandated to promote and standardize the use of the Filipino language. Virgilio Almario, known for his pen name Rio Alma, is a Filipino artist, poet, critic, translator, editor, teacher, and cultural manager.  He is also a political scientist and educator.  He completed […]

Are the Philippine Civil Servants Ready for the ASEAN Integration?

(ENS) — Human resource development and capacity building is one of the areas of cooperation identified in the ASEAN integration 2015.  Just how ready are the Philippine civil servants for the upcoming regional integration next year? In this episode of ASEAN in Focus, Director Ma. Luisa “Liza” Salonga-Agamata, Director IV of the Civil Service Commission’s Public Assistance and Information office, tackles the various programs being done by the Civil Service Commission to prepare the country’s […]

The Need to Inform the Public about the ASEAN Organization: An insider’s look into the ASEAN Secretariat

Many people in the Philippines and even in the ASEAN region still lack awareness about the ASEAN organization itself, although this was established way back 1967. Liza Makinano, a former senior officer of the ASEAN Secretariat, gives an insider’s look into the ASEAN organization and the ASEAN Secretariat . Makinano served as a senior officer of the Executive Support Division of the Office of the Secretary-General, and also served as senior officer of the Security […]

Are Philippine academic institutions ready for ASEAN integration? (Part 2)

  University of the Philippines Vice-President for Public Affairs Dr. Prospero De Vera continues to tackle the issue of the preparedness of the country’s academic institutions for the ASEAN integration next year. De Vera said the ASEAN integration in 2015 should not be feared by Philippine academic institutions.  He also discussed the present advantages that present academic institutions have and the rethinking that has to be done to make Philippine higher educational institutions more competitive […]

Informing the Public about the ASEAN organization

Many people still lack awareness about the ASEAN organization itself and its purposes.  In fact there has been a report that citizens of ASEAN member nations generally don’t know much about or are uninterested in the regional grouping even as the 2015 ASEAN integration nears.  A study released by the ASEAN secretariat also found that three out of four people “lack a basic understanding” of what ASEAN is and what it is striving to do. […]