ASEAN Perspectives

ASEAN + 3 Forum highlight international cooperation on mechanisms on parole and probation

(Eagle News) — For the third time, the Association Of Southeast Asian Nations or ASEAN will be holding a forum on probation and community-based rehabilitation of offenders along with three other countries namely Japan, South Korea, and China. The first ASEAN plus Three Conference on Probation and Non-Custodial Measures started in April 2013. It was then when they realized the benefit of regional cooperation in ASEAN Plus Three’s community and the growing need for further […]

1st Southeast Asia human rights forum for police officials highlight security and HR cooperation

(Eagle News) — Delegates from the 10-member nations of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) recently visited the country to participate in the First Southeast Asia Human Rights Forum for police officials which started on April 27 and which will end on Thursday, April 30. The ASEAN forum is related to security and human rights cooperation, which is now considered a vital factor in the ASEAN integration. The four-day forum aims to develop a […]

EU proposes to scale up its partnership with ASEAN

MANILA – On 19 May 2015, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and the European Commission adopted the Joint Communication: “The EU and ASEAN: a partnership with a strategic purpose”. The Joint Communication puts forward concrete ideas for taking EU-ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) relations to the next level by providing a more coherent framework for sectoral cooperation and by ensuring a sharper political focus. “The […]

GRIPS as a Premier Graduate Institution on Policy Studies helping ASEAN students

ASEAN and Japan first established informal dialogue relations in 1973, which was later formalized in March 1977 with the convening of the ASEAN-Japan Forum. Since then, significant progress has been made in ASEAN-Japan relations and cooperation in the areas of political security, economic-finance and socio-culture. The relationship between ASEAN and Japan continues to grow. And Japan continues to help the ASEAN region through various instrumentalities and one of them is through educational institutions. In this […]

The Bangsamoro’s international law gambit

By Atty. Jeremy Gatdula IT HAS LONG BEEN my position that whatever draft Bangsamoro Basic Law is passed by Congress, it would ultimately be inutile for the reason that there exists the quite unconstitutional Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (which, along with the Framework Agreement and other related agreements, shall hereafter be referred to as the CAB). Or put another way: the debate about the Basic Law’s constitutionality is a false flag, a distraction. To […]

Amending PHL Laws to Prepare the Country for ASEAN Integration

  In this epsiode of ASEAN in Focus,  lawyer Jeremy Gatdula, who specializes in international economic law and the World Trade Organization, as well as the philosophy of law, tackles the question if there is a need to amend Philippine laws so the country could be better prepared for the ASEAN integration. Atty. Gatdula is is also the Secretary of the University of Asia and the Pacific School of Law and Governance.  

ASEAN Financial Integration: Challenges and Prospects

(Eagle News Service) — The ASEAN integration economic blueprint envisions the establishment of a single market and production base, a highly competitive economic region, a region of equitable economic development, and a region fully integrated into the global economy.  Among components identified are improved market access within the region, investment facilitation, establishment of a single aviation market and financial integration.  Financial integration involves the banking sector and the financial markets. In this connection, there is […]

Political Dynasties in the ASEAN Region

(Eagle News Service) — The rise of political dynasties is said to threaten the vibrancy of the political systems of the biggest democracies in Southeast Asia – Indonesia and the Philippines.  This was according to an article from the East Asia Forum. While political dynasties are not foreign to Indonesian democracy, this was somehow challened with the recent victory of President Joko Widodo, a former governor of Jakarta. It has also been said that the […]

Preparing the PHL for the ASEAN Economic Community 2015

Trade Advisory Group chief and World Trade Organization (WTO) panelist Atty. Antonio Abad further gives insights on the prospects for the Philippines when ASEAN integration comes in next year. In this episode of ASEAN in Focus (Nov. 28), Abad also talks about basic economics and what would be happening with the establishment of an ASEAN economic community. Abad said the “positives definitely outweigh the negatives” for the Philippines when ASEAN becomes a regional economic hub […]

Preparing the Philippines for the ASEAN Economic Community 2015

(Eagle News Service) — Starting 2015, the whole ASEAN region will be moving towards the ASEAN economic community (AEC) wherein there will be a single market economy with free movement of goods, services and investments throughout the 10-member nations of the ASEAN.  It would be the culmination of the regional grouping’s economic efforts since the 1990s. There are two conflicting views emerging in the Philippines on whether or not the country is ready for economic […]

Climate change implications of the ASEAN integration

(Eagle News Service) — Even the upcoming ASEAN integration has climate change implications since increased economic activity, including the transport of goods and services across and from the ASEAN region, will lead to increasing carbon footprints, according to the president of the Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement (PRRM). PRRM president Isagani Serrano, who guested in NET 25’s ASEAN in Focus on Nov. 19,  is also a noted environmental advocate.  He is a co-convenor  of Social Watch-Philippines, […]